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  1. Easter Puzzle Game 2

    Easter Days
  2. Easter Puzzle Game 1

    Game 1 There are 75 eggs, so 25 kids will be there. Henry should prepare 25 glasses with paper straws.
  3. Advent Calendar 24. Game

    Colorado, $1053, benben7
  4. Advent Calendar 23. Game

    Silent Night
  5. Advent Calendar 22. Game

    B2, B6, C5, D1, D6, E1, E4
  6. Advent Calendar 21. Game

  7. Advent Calendar 20. Game

    Christmas Crackers
  8. Advent Calendar 19. Game

    Bayberry candles were made by the colonists for a special occasion, because their normal candles had a foul odor as they rot, and it took many bayberries.
  9. Advent Calendar 18. Game

    Allan Quatermain's rifle - Christmas 2012 Winter hat - Christmas 2013 Christmas derringer - Christmas 2014 Raven - Christmas 2014 Nicolas' coat - Christmas 2015 Ded Moroz's boots - Christmas 2016 Gnome's pants - Christmas 2017 Belschnickel's tabacco pipe - Christmas 2018 Nick's belt - Christmas...
  10. Advent Calendar 17. Game

    IFBC#1: Poland IFBC#2: Hungary IFBC#3: Italy
  11. Advent Calendar 16. Game

    Candy cane most likely took shape in 17th century Europe, legend has it that the candy cane dates back to 1670.
  12. Advent Calendar 13. Game

    "O Come, All Ye Faithful", originally written in Latin as "Adeste Fideles"
  13. Advent Calendar 12. Game

    The Christmas pickle is a lesser-known Christmas tradition for some Americans. A Christmas tree decoration in the shape of a pickle is hidden on a Christmas tree, with the finder receiving either a reward or good fortune for the next year. In the tradition, an ornamental pickle is placed on a...
  14. Advent Calendar 11. Game

    An island missing from the bay next to the other A small cactus missing from outside of the fort on the west part, next to the other cactus
  15. Advent Calendar 10. Game

  16. Advent Calendar 9. Game

    Nincs előfeltétele, a világra való regisztrálást követően, azonnal ő fogad minket az első tutorial, bevezető kalanddal. There is no requirement, after registration to given world Henry Walker will meet us immediately with the newcomer's quest.
  17. Advent Calendar 8. Game

  18. Advent Calendar 7. Game

    Hammer missing from job spot Church missing from town
  19. Advent Calendar 6. Game

    It has a Finnish origin and it means "Christmas Goat Man"
  20. Advent Calendar 5. Game