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  1. Apelatia

    Idaho Town Recruitment Guidelines

    Welcome to World Idaho's town recruitment sub-forum. This section is for towns wishing to recruit and players wishing to be recruited. All other discussion does not belong in this sub-forum. You may only bump your town's recruitment thread once per seven days. Do not make multiple threads for...
  2. Apelatia

    Welcome to World Idaho!

    We welcome you all to World Idaho. We hope you enjoy the opportunity to experience a new and exciting adventure in The West. You can use this forum to post about topics related to Idaho. There is also a town recruitment sub-forum which you can make use of to advertise vacancies in your town. As...
  3. Apelatia

    Today is the Day!

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish Johann a happy birthday, and the best success in his future endeavours, both during this coming year and in the years to come!
  4. Apelatia

    A Day to Celebrate?

    I see on the little feature at the bottom of the home forum page that a certain someone has a birthday today... I'd like to wish Braet a pleasant day and all the best in the upcoming year.
  5. Apelatia

    Allow Transfer of Town Forum Ownership

    Proposal: This proposal is, as the thread topic states, to introduce a feature to allow transfer of the ownership of town forums in-game to other towns. Details will be given in the 'Details' section below. Current Workaround: The other town can create an entirely new forum! Details: Over...
  6. Apelatia

    Johann's Hour

    Happy Birthday Johann! I wish you many happy returns, and hope that you'll have a lovely day. :)
  7. Apelatia

    New Quest Feature

    To all you quest lovers out there, such as myself, I'd like to draw your attention to a feature that I had not noticed previously in the 'Completed Quests' tab of the Quest Book. It now appears to tell you what position you were on your world to complete each specific quest. It's almost unreal...
  8. Apelatia

    Reintroduce County Chat

    Proposal I would like to propose that we reintroduce county chat to this game, and remove the current 'Saloon' chats. Current Workaround Using the Saloon chats, or not using them at all... Details Many years ago, the heroic and adventurous players of The West were blessed with a stupendous...
  9. Apelatia

    Happy Birthday Braet!

    The title is my message... :)
  10. Apelatia

    Lord Regal's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Regal. Many happy returns to you on this momentous day. :)
  11. Apelatia

    Many Happy Returns!

    Happy Birthday Zem! May it be a good one for you. :)
  12. Apelatia

    Welcome to this Sub-forum! (PLEASE READ)

    As stated in the title, welcome! This section is to be used for the purposes of recruitment of players, and also advertisement of towns. Any other unrelated material I ask that you keep the the main El Dorado section. The rules for this forum are as stated: You may make one thread for each...
  13. Apelatia

    Looking for a Town!

    This thread will be used for the purpose of advertising your desire to join a town! I ask that you keep your post up to date, and edit it should your status change. Please do not advertise your town here. You may wish to use this format: In-game Character Name: Character Level...
  14. Apelatia

    Fathomless Sunset - Letramenia

    Fathomless Sunset Letramenia The wooden steps creaked eerily as Mezonas rushed up the stairs with Elera close at his heels. They had to sound the warning bell before the whole town was caught unawares at the sudden attack. Are we close to the top yet? Elera shouted via the mental link...
  15. Apelatia

    I'm going now

    Happy Birthday Tiger! Many happy returns! :)
  16. Apelatia

    Letters from the Birthday Event

    I read the Innogames blog and it says this: Depending on the date your character was created, you’ll get a specific amount of bonds: 5 years = 3000 bonds 4 years = 250 bonds 3 years = 100 bonds 2 years = 50 bonds 1 year and less = 25 bonds This can't be true, since players who have...
  17. Apelatia

    Reduced Bank Fees in Alliance Towns

    Proposal To reduce banking fees for alliance members in other alliance towns. Current Workaround At the moment the only way to work around this annoyance are to either not be a member of a town at all. Details Those of us who play in alliances in this game have, for a long time, had to put up...
  18. Apelatia

    DR Feel Goods is RECRUITING!!!

    Hey there folks! I am here to inform you that DR Feel Goods - one of the noisiest towns on Dakota is recruiting!!! We are looking to recruit active players of any level that want to be fort fighters, duellers or builders!!! We are situated at the bottom of County 13 (Westeros) next to the...
  19. Apelatia

    Aqua Fighters Recruitment

    Town Name: Aqua Fighters Town Rank: 5th in game. 9th currently on West Forts. Town Points: 891,155 points Alliance: United Clans What classes are required: We are looking for active player that are interested in any part of the game! Number of Open Positions: At the moment, we have twenty...