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  1. Skill points click

    Is there a way to quickly change my skill points? Or I have to click 600 times to put them if i reset with potion?
  2. New special settings world

    1) disable quests 2) disable character classes 3) disable nuggets 4) disable events and event items 5) disable "tutorial" 6) ? Thats all i think for now what do you think? To players: give more suggestions To devs: very easy to do
  3. Question for new mr CM

    So you say ur prebious games was forge of empires. Why does inno invest much more on that game instead of the west? If it is all just for the money does inno make so much more money from the other games that needs to abandon west for so many years? I laugh to hear people pay for fog because i...
  4. My contest entry - Game 3

  5. My contest entry - Game 1

    1- easter 2- Oktoberfest 3- day of the dead 4- st patrick 5- independence day