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  1. Colorado Down??

    Same again. I managed to get in this morning, but it is not letting me again this evening. That's another day with my daily tasks only half completed :( edit... seems to be a browser issue for me now. I cannot get in with Firefox but Chrome is fine. edit edit.... got to the bottom of it - the...
  2. Colorado Down??

    I missed out on my achieving my daily tasks because I couldn't log in to complete the last ones :(
  3. Resolved Chinese man?

    Yes, I have been Selling them, although at one point I also had a go at printing them too in case it was a misprint in the guide. So far I have only done hour long jobs because I am seldom around very long during the day to try shorter jobs. When I get a chance I will try some 15 second and 10...
  4. Resolved Chinese man?

    I am having problems getting the backpack for this quest. I have the List equipped and have so far spent 22 hours doing the job "Selling Newspapers - the Western Star". I cannot seem to get the backpack though. Is there anything else I am supposed to be doing?
  5. Duel Not Possible for 48 hours

    Many thanks.
  6. Duel Not Possible for 48 hours

    Sorry if this has been asked before. Usually after duelling someone, I get the message that I cannot duel that person again in the next hour. Today I came across someone who has been attacking me regularly over the past few weeks, and it says I cannot duel that person for 48 hours, even though...