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  1. Help Tecumseh (Maze Contest)

    "The hottest chili in the west"
  2. upgrade achievement missed

    Sell 15 upgraded items Dispose of 30 upgraded items Sell 5 military-grade donkeys (level 3 or higher) From what I can tell, those are the ones missing. :)

    How about this, a suggestion that would please just one single person in the whole game. But what do you have to lose, why not make this one just a tiny bit useful?? :) It's so fancy, it's a shame to have it rot away forever in the inventory.
  4. Hr Nyborg appreciation thread

    Such a shame to see you go, before you really had a chance to do your job. I definitely do not agree with this decision, I had very high hopes for the future of this game, with you putting so much effort into your work. I appreciate all you managed to do while you were here!
  5. My contest entry - Game 3

  6. My contest entry - Game 2

    Henry danced with Mrs. Anderson John danced with Bella Maya danced with Calvin Scarlett danced with Seth
  7. My contest entry - Game 1

  8. Use a different colour for timed quests

    Aren't the timed quests green? Unless those are just the yearly repeatables, I suppose
  9. St. Patrick Community Event - Feedback

    Only for the current day. So if you for example have one unfinished quest, and the same quest appears on the second day, and you finish it on the third day, you will get the third day identical quest, and miss out on the second day one.
  10. St. Patrick Community Event - Feedback

    Yes. They do come back on other days. You get to complete the quest, and then the very same quest becomes available again, for you to try to complete within that same day... Regardless of how that makes you permanently behind, you can't argue the fact that the quests do come back to be...
  11. Better Opening Time for Travelling Fair?

    And to think, the fair used to need a lot more supplies to be built. Some people complained about it being impossible to get enough of certain rare items, and it was then changed into what it is now, able to be finished in a single day... :)
  12. Come forth and share with us..

    Have the completed quests log start out collapsed, so that only the questline titles are shown first, then players can just press on the questline they want to expand to show the quests, making it an easier load.
  13. Market

    I have a Mix Hair Lotion recipe for sale. Telegram me ingame if interested. :)
  14. Why can't anybody help?

    I'm guessing you mean the daily quests? Those have to be completed before server update, if not, you'll have to wait a week to get the chance to complete it again, that is unless you level up enough so that the quest is no longer available for your level. :)