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  1. Advent Calendar 5. Game

    Yule Lads
  2. Advent Calendar 4. Game

    The elf 20 seconds cuts 2cm x 10cm strips. Out of 10cm x 10cm sheets the elf can cut 5 (2cmx10cm) strips. So the correct answer is 5x20 seconds= 100 seconds.
  3. Advent Calendar 3. Game

    If the player duel someone, the opponent can duel back in short time of period, even if townless and no bounty.
  4. Advent Calendar 2. Game

    The answer is: Saturnalia
  5. Advent Calendar 1. Game

    The answer is: Kallikantzaroi
  6. Las Vegas - Contest

    The first 3 players who reach 1000 Dodges on Fort Battles ranking: 2. Choose 2 items from any set from previous year* + 100 Nuggets
  7. Entries: A new world is on the horizon!

    What about Lincoln ?