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  1. Feedback Gift Hunt & Holiday Sale 2021

    Opened 6x 2020 dotd chests, 3x santa, 3x cortez. I don't think I know a person that bought more than 5 dotd chests and got cortina in most cases.. But probably complaining aint gonna do anything, since you gonna say it's RNG, gambling etc.. But I do think you lowered the chance, no way on...
  2. Cortina sale

    I'm refering to the original post.. @Syntex can you give an official statment?
  3. Cortina sale

    They promised a separate sale from christmas sale, that is what I am asking.
  4. Cortina sale

    Am I missing something, since I can't find the announcement?
  5. Cortina sale

  6. Cortina sale

    Thank you :)
  7. Cortina sale

    @Hr.Nyborg I've seen you had hectit week. Hopefully everything is okay now. Can we get feedback on this topic, seems like I'm not the only one who would like an official statment.
  8. Cortina sale

    @Hr.Nyborg Can we get an official statement?
  9. Cortina sale

    That's why I'm asking, since I saved up money for the set and now there is no sight of it. But will wait on the rely from the mods :D
  10. Cortina sale

    Hello @Hr.Nyborg, I've got a question regarding sales. In the post was said cortina items will be sold in one of the next sales ( ). Do you have any information regarding this, when and if it's...
  11. updating old items/sets - OUTLAW set

    That is very ignorant to say. Outlaw set was THE best allrounder set, in 2014 was the best experiance set, gave 3% more exp than others. Also was top 4 tank set. At the time either you went deadwood dick, bob dalton, pure hp with vanilla items or outlaw, which was slightly worse than other...
  12. updating old items/sets - OUTLAW set

    If you make assumptions from the word outlaw only, then it would make sense to be a dueler set. But it was meant to be an adventure set, i guess. Stats were thrown randomly and with that you could also use it for FF. Why I want it to be FF set? I'd like to have one set, that is not gained from...
  13. updating old items/sets - OUTLAW set

    Hello everybody, Inno has been revamping old items/sets for quite sometime. And I'm really happy that they are doing it. For me, the most iconic set is the outlaw one. I do not know if Inno has plans to revamp this one too, but I do think this one should get updated. I think outlaw set should...
  14. Update Feedback - 2.148

    Got a question about cortina sale. You said it won't be available for xmas event, but it will be on sale in the 2021 ( Any news on that?
  15. Update Feedback - 2.136

    I do apologise if they removed bonds in rewards for exchange for very little mojo or very little of red liquid in the previous patch. I must have missed it. So they destroyed the system 2 weeks ago. Okay, I'm out.
  16. Update Feedback - 2.136

    First of all, you're lying. No player complained about Agnus. You realised people can get constant bonds from him and you don't like it. Just rephrase: ''we want your money, so we removing this and that.'' Secondly, how can you claim you care about your player base and in the same breath, you...