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  1. Feedback Duel Event

    No it doesn't. You just thought no one will go for them and had different tactic, maybe you see now it was wrong (not playing on server so don't know), but shiny's are part of game, everyone can get them, and you can get both in 2 days if you really go for it and have cook level up fast. But if...
  2. Feedback Duel Event

    Hahaha, really?! Thought something like that might happen, when i seen rules and server description :) Good i didn't register, even was thinking to. Anyway this game's dieing, and stuff is helping with that alot. Adventures are basicly dead because of all the Gringo stuff no one wants to play...
  3. Events

    Well there could be some aditional prizes, for example, who recieves achivement 1st gets some bonds or something ... there's much that can be done on longer servers, because this speed servers are short and you need ALOT of time to compete in them, while on this normal speed worlds you can play...
  4. Events

    Why are events always played on some speed servers, which take 14 days and require you to be online almost 24/7 or cheat somehow if you want to have chances to win some prizes? How about event on normal speed server which would run for 1 year, with only basic sets (those available in shops)...
  5. Feedback Duel Event

    Meant prices not prizes damn ... why can't i edit my post?
  6. Feedback Duel Event

    Ok, but are prizes in NPC town same as in town or x3?
  7. Feedback Duel Event

    And will all town have all items in shops? Else it might be some lottery if you get good clothings/guns in shop or not ...
  8. Events

    So we going to get any summer event, it was said there'll be many events now that we have event manager? How's looking with that? Some duel event would be cool in summer or something like that ...
  9. Summer Special Series feedback

    So when and where we find out prizes for this week?
  10. Summer Special Series feedback

    I can't wait NOT to participate in this. Prizes are lame. You've ruined ff's and adventures with ^1 Gringo, ^4 Chef ... now you're offering Ratatule with cheese as prize here?! Hahahahaha ... if you really try, you couldn't be ruining this game more.
  11. Feedback Merging Danish (DK) market with International servers

    Well i've seen many ^1 gringo in adventures from this people, at least 3 have it, which makes adventures kinda unplayable now. Too much Gringo around recently so i guess new sale coming soon with even better sets ... which means game = ruined.
  12. Feedback Merging Danish (DK) market with International servers

    Well ... alot of people from there with Gringo ... i assume it was alot easier to get Gringo on those national servers, than on net servers ... not really best move this merge!
  13. Feedback 14th Birthday Speed Event

    So what's the purpose of this server now? Just to have some ff's who wants them and no prizes or anything? Don't get it really ...
  14. Feedback Crafting event 2022

    Is it just me or is blacksmith craft way more powerfull than other?
  15. Feedback 14th Birthday Speed Event

    Way better server than december one, who'll win prize here will win it because of skill and time unlike on december one. There's still room for improvements, for instance, there could be some daily mini prizes, that'd make different things interested for more people. For example if you're not...
  16. Feedback 14th Birthday Speed Event

    Well didn't mean "multi" like he has 2 accounts, but meant more ... if he has helper ... a friend that's helping him. For instance if i have no chance in winning duel or fort fighting prizes, i can help someone to get some advantage ... i.e. go full health and if all people in ff go west we go...
  17. Feedback 14th Birthday Speed Event

    I like the rules, surely an upgrade towards previous event in regard of trading. I have only one question, how will Fort Fight pushing be monitored ? I mean ... on can get multi or helper near him on ff ... and milk dodges from him, or dmg...
  18. You are looking for me?!

    Pay me! You can have honorable job if you want to! Pay me, if you want to make money from my work! Where the hell do we live?!
  19. Feedback Holiday Speed 2021 (premium-free)

    Ok, got your point, than they should forbid trading of clothing ... Or if it's possible and this would be best fix, allow only world market and only auctions ... but not bidding like on regular worlds, but every player could make only 1 bid and offer the amount of money they're willing to...
  20. Feedback Holiday Speed 2021 (premium-free)

    Best thing to do on next speed server would be to increase purchase value of bags by x4, but sell sets individualy, meaning if i want to buy Cortina, i got Cortina in shop and can buy it directly, not that i have to buy event bag 1st and than get something useless to me out of it. This way no...