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    Easter Puzzle Game 2

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    Easter Puzzle Game 1

    15 glasses of lemonade in total
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    Advent Calendar 1. Game

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    W1 Goes out in Style & Listing the top rankings for the final time

    I think I have grit in my eye. Thanks to all World One-rs. It's been my favourite world in terms of friends, co-operation and a general good feeling. Thanks to Victor for organising the fort battles which I have tried to attend when possible. It's been a blast. Still cut up about it now but...
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    What would you like - a migrate poll

    HI Reyne I created one under "Keep w1 open!!...." thread on World 1
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    What would you like - a migrate poll

    Hr.Nyborg We all want to stay together if possible, other worlds permitting, and I don't think the poll is of any actual benefit to us deciding. This won't be breaking any GDPR so I am wondering if you could supply us with an export / report of just player names who are still active on our...
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    What would you like - a migrate poll

    I second that. I'm on another world which is well populated but I never struggle to get any items crafted on W1 or help with anything. Meanwhile on the other world it's an uphill battle for anything.
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    What would you like - a migrate poll

    I too appreciate that W1 had a reprieve a while ago. I guess the game is what you make it but I'm on Fairbank and it's not great. W1 is my go to World. I sincerely hope that where possible, we can all agree between us where to go next. I've been on W1 pretty much from the start and I'd like...
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    What would you like - a migrate poll

    Ahhh Hr.Nyborg - that wasn't stated in the World Notice!
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    What would you like - a migrate poll

    Could we not wait until after the Independence Day event is finished please? 1. We're a small bunch of players (and friends I hope) and help each other when we can. It would be nice to end on a high e.g. at the end of an event rather than just being cut off and sent packing to another world in...
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    St. Patrick Event 2021 - Feedback

    I'm not even looking at the clovers, I'm concentrating on the coins from last year. No point in spreading myself too thin. TBH, I can't keep up, coins, clovers, numerous daily quests, numerous weekly quests, fort battle, travelling fair. I'm thinking of sitting them all out shortly.
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    My contest entry - Game 2

    Henry and Mrs Anderson Maya and Calvin Scarlett and Seth John and Bella
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    Pumpkin Hunt

    Forgive my ignorance - what does the chest analyzer do? Benefits?
  14. spankysmagicpiano

    Pumpkin Hunt

    Really? I've now had 7 on W1 and about 10 on W12. W12 I got the DOTD Set 2016 (Hombre Chest). Thanks The West :)
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    Pumpkin Hunt

    Thanks Sly - I'll give that a go then
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    Pumpkin Hunt

    I am W1 and W12. Ever since the announcement, I have completed various jobs and not received any pumpkins. Am I missing something? Is it actually being run on these worlds? Anyone know?
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    gift from a friend

    Hi If anyone is on W1 and W12 - I login at least 3 times a day so pretty active - feel free to PM or add me as a friend for these events.
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    An open letter regarding the Classic server

    I've found myself falling out of love of The West of late mainly due to quests which are impossible to finish as certain crafted products aren't available on the world probably due to the small number of players left. I agree with you Futurama1001 - maybe arrange for Classic to remain but with...