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  1. Feedback Duel Event

    Unfortunatelly I will not be able to attend the event (8/18 days of the event out in my vacation so I can't spend them in game :P) but I think overall it is well planned. I like the idea of starting in level 140, therefore it is all versus all game, no strategy about staying low in level...

    Excellent idea, extremely difficult to implement in that current situation, with the current team that develops the game. 100% agree. The features of the game are not for extreme levels. Set items give an enormous amount of skill points and given that they depend on your level and there is...
  3. Advent Calendar 2. Game

  4. Advent Calendar 1. Game

    Since I am greek, i will say Καλικάντζαροι, known as Goblins in english
  5. Dead Server Consolidation?

    Maybe they should change their standards... I mean, i play in Juarez and the world is only 2 years old, yet it has become pretty dead in forts, duel activity and market.... I can't imagine older worlds apart from Colorado (or maybe Arizona?), how they are... Even financially, in a no active...
  6. Help Tecumseh (Maze Contest)

    THE HOTTEST CHILI IN THE WEST panos-the-best Juarez
  7. Give it to us straight inno peeps, new server coming next month?

    There is a way the new server to last for more than a year and at the same time expand the player base. Just dont put any tombolas.... But do they even want it? Of course not. Inno is just fine with opening a new server every October, make big money, kill the server by opening an other one and...
  8. My contest entry - Game 2

  9. Event Set Free Worlds

    No sets make the game more difficult. Lvling up is more dufficult, completing quest is more difficult and so on... However, as a player that have been playing before the first sets, I can say that it was way more meaningful the actions in the game appart from collecting pretzels-hearts-eggs and...
  10. New world - choose a name

    John's Creek, in Georgia It was Cherokee's territory until 1820 when the first gold rush took place and Cherokees moved to Oklahoma panos-the-best Idaho
  11. Oktoberfest 2019 discussion

    Can we use more than one Bretzel Bag?
  12. Update Feedbacks - 2.108

    Do we know if those items will be tradeable in the future? I mean i may want to upgrade it or sell in if it is useless to me but if I dont know if it is tradeable i don't know if it is worth to buy it or not at the first time.