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  1. Derek1982

    Ranged Vs. Melee

    In anticipation of the new world, I seek answers to a few questions regarding dueling. Before I get into them all though, the two main questions I have to ask are: Ranged Vs. Melee? Which is most successful really is melee even viable with the amount of dodge and aim gear I see around the...
  2. Derek1982

    Problem logging into fort battles

    Each time I try to log into a fort battle I am faced with the same error message: Beginning connection to server ... Failed to establish a connection to the server. Please make sure that network ports 1582 and 1028 aren't blocked by a router or firewall. If you're sure the ports aren't...
  3. Derek1982

    New World - Idaho

    Just want to get a feel for how enthusiastic folk are for this new world before I decide if it is worth putting my boots back on. Anyone excited and ready to start over... again?
  4. Derek1982

    Regeneration Gear

    Is the Sleepyhead set still the best choice for energy regeneration and if so, where does one get the night belt and night scarf from?
  5. Derek1982

    Dueling Skills

    Can anyone give me a brief understanding or what skills are relevant for duelling today please. Q1) Is it all about aim and dodge when choosing ranged or is appearance as important or more so? Q2) Is melee resistance still a viable build, if so how does reflex/toughness work against...
  6. Derek1982

    Character Class / Profession

    Have been out of the game long enough that I have reset to noob level. Can anyone give me reasons for and against choosing each character class and profession as I have no clue where to begin and even less of a clue of where I am headed.
  7. Derek1982

    Discussion: What does an alliance mean to you?

    Hello people of the west, I come here in search of your opinion with regard to alliances and what they mean to you. Why such an impromptu question? I am glad you asked :razz: After many years of playing on world one I have become a bit of a grouch, mostly because of alliances and the...
  8. Derek1982

    Best Fort Gun for stat njubs

    Okay, since restarting for the 87th time on this game I have built up my dueler class toon to level 120 and am now all about fort fighting, albeit on a world where fort fights are pretty damn lame. Anyway, enough of that and onto the point of this question. In the experience of many of the top...
  9. Derek1982

    New Questline to restore balance between premium & non premium users.

    In light of recent extensive discussion about the ever widening gap between premium and non premium players I have decided to post two proposals based around the same idea. One that undoubtedly non premium users will vote for and the other that a decent percentage of premium players will...
  10. Derek1982

    Re: Rule Adjustments: Change of Ownership of Accounts

    Re: Rule Adjustments: Change of Ownership of Accounts As probably one of the main culprits of account switching in the past I am surprised to see this rule change, it is in my belief that account switching when a player quits the game helps sustain activity amongst that world as when one...
  11. Derek1982

    Founding a Fort Question

    Can you be dueled while founding a fort? Thank you.
  12. Derek1982

    Resolved Collector's Set Damage Bonus

    Does the +25% damage bonus listed on the TWDB website refer to duel or fort battles? Thank you.
  13. Derek1982

    The West Lottery

    Proposal Introduce a lottery draw into game worlds. Current Workaround None, fresh idea. Details Everybody will have the option for a fee to buy a lottery ticket and enter a weekly draw. Maybe set the price at $100-$1000 per ticket with no limit to how many one player can buy. Lottery...
  14. Derek1982

    Shoot a fort battle noob

    Proposal In every fort battle there is always some noob on your team who hides behind everyone refusing to follow orders in a selfish bid to preserve HP and boost their own stats. I propose you have the option to target said noob and shoot the crap out of them until they modify their attitude...
  15. Derek1982

    Developer Plans?

    Are there any plans for some fresh playable content on the horizon? Aesthetic modifications and world merging are all great but fort battles and dueling are feeling really old now, we need something new to sink our teeth into. Are there any ground breaking new features comparable to...
  16. Derek1982

    Theft Prevention Feature on Market

    Proposal Theft when trading items is a problem that has afflicted many folk, from low value products to high value weapons there is always an issue of trust when dealing with someone who you do not 100% know and/or trust. Current Workaround None. Details I propose a feature be...
  17. Derek1982

    Create Customised Gear

    Proposal The ability to create customisable gear, subject to level. Current Workaround No current workaround, completely fresh idea. Details Subject to level the idea in a nutshell is to be able to purchase customisable gear. This could be implemented with the use of the UPB shop with each...
  18. Derek1982

    Easter Egg Quest - Temp Fix

    So there is a nice guy wandering around Colorado informing folk of a workaround to the Easter Egg problem. Enter the corresponding javascript link into your address bar remembering to manually enter javascript: before it. Then you can now travel to the invisible bugged East and West spots and...
  19. Derek1982

    UPB Shop changes

    So it seems we are to expect an increase in the price of buffs, some by up to 50% on current prices. Also Kraaky picked up on the fact that the Indian belt is now available for sale, making a complete mockery of the level 75 questline that takes quite a lot of effort in order to receive this...
  20. Derek1982

    UPB Shop due to change prices?

    Got this link from internal forum on world 2, any chance we can get a heads up in English before the changes are made, thank you.