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  1. Zemelci

    The Dead Savant

    The man walked into the room. He was wearing a business suit and it was clear he did not usually belong here, in the room full of forensic evidence teams and officers, whilst the flat was surrounded with police tape. He pulled the forensic gloves on before walking to the other man. This fellow...
  2. Zemelci

    Scottish Independance

    So this debate won't mean much to you Americans but shortly (as in during the next few years) Scotland is going to make a vote as to whether it wants to stay in the United Kingdom. As such this has raised several issues. Firstly: Why does only Scotland get a vote, shouldn't England get a vote on...
  3. Zemelci

    Merry Christmas - Boasting Space

    So a Merry Christmas to all members of the forum. Let's all boast about our favourite presents here, and who better to start it off than me: I got some Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones which sound AMAZING. So what did you guys get that you liked?
  4. Zemelci

    Channel Art

    So I'm starting a youtube channel, but as many of you may know, I'm not the best of artists around. Therefore I must call on my fellow gamers to help me out. I'd like a channel art banner which would probably have to feature a dragon of some sort, along with an end of video screen for Guild Wars...
  5. Zemelci

    Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

    Finally a movie that might actually be funny and good, haven't been enough of those lately. Warning some people may find the content offensive.
  6. Zemelci

    Free Recording Software

    So I want to start doing Let's Plays at some point in the near future, however, I have yet to find a recording software that works for me. I'm currently using CamStudio Recorder, however, it refuses to do sound for me. Does anyone know of a good free screen and audio (both mic and speakers)...
  7. Zemelci

    Uploading images

    So I've recently started doing signature work (mostly for myself and a couple of friends, but I will start taking requests as soon as I get this figured out) and I've got a couple done, but I've sort of run into a hitch. I don't actually have anywhere to upload them to on the internet, which...
  8. Zemelci

    Performance-Enhancing Drugs Olympics

    So at my school there was a debate recently about whether there should be an Olympics where Athletes should be allowed to use Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs for short) to spice things up etc. and so I thought it'd be interesting to get your views on the topic. As for what I think, it wouldn't...
  9. Zemelci

    Artwork Coffeshop

    I've never been much of an artist, and so from me this is more of an idea for all the artists to fufill. This is a thread where I want people to talk about art, give updates if they're doing pictures or stuff. If you find a good piece of art or just something you generally want to share post it...
  10. Zemelci


    This would go in D&D but it's not really an argument, more just bringing this up. Tiger may have seen this, but BBC recently showed a Horizon program about taste, including in which they showed about the "Miracle Berry" which will make things taste sweet even if they don't have sugar in. So far...
  11. Zemelci

    Happy Easter

    It's the time of year when you finally have an excuse to eat chocolate (if you're not Christian, don't worry, the Americans commercialised it ages ago). Happy Easter!
  12. Zemelci

    Happy Birthday Diggo

    Even if women's day is supposedly more important *pffft* you still deserve your own thread. You've been a mod for ages and you're definitely the meanest one around (and yes I am just saying that to please you)
  13. Zemelci

    Irulia: The Spirit Changers Quest

    Irulia: The Spirit Changers Quest In the small city of Rakasi the four month old baby was carried to the stone by his mother, it was in the centre of the city, as it was with every city. The testing stones they were called. It was four months to the day from when the child had been born. They...
  14. Zemelci


    Those little titles under our names, what do they mean and how do we get them? So for example, I'm "Brave"
  15. Zemelci


    So someone comes up with a pretend problem and a time limit and then everyone else has to think up of a funny solution to that problem. Then the person with the fake problem says who gave the best solution and that person then posts their fake problem. For example: Zem: I think my wife is...
  16. Zemelci

    New Years Art Contest

    Entries must be hand drawn (or drawn in paint, but no editing photos(that includes using a photo as a template)). Entries must be submitted before Midnight, New Years Day, only one submission per person (if you sumbit more then only your first submission will be judged). Theme is Parties. Winner...
  17. Zemelci

    Trolling: Illegal?

    So trolling is going to be made illegal in Arizona (I know this is old news but I was thinking about it last night). Now I know this is Arizona and so most of you will declare it unimportant but think about the consequences. Arizona takes the first step and the rest of the world begins to...
  18. Zemelci

    US Prison Rape So having read this article a question comes to mind, would you implement higher security measures, if not why so, if yes then what measures and why? I would implement CCTV and have an independent review board, but the problem I see is that the...
  19. Zemelci

    Christmas Art Competition

    It's Christmas time and I'm feeling jolly and this forum needs reviving. Therefore I am going to run a Christmas Art Competition. Prizes include: Bragging Rights and a Green Rep from me if I can give it to you. I'm afraid unless the mods see fit to make more prizes that's it for now. I will...
  20. Zemelci

    Random Word sentences

    Here is how the game works Using this link: Rand Word Generator you will get four words and then make a sentence with them. For Example What do people think?