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  1. dankolo

    improve adventurer's class bonuses

    Proposal Me and many other players are demanding change of the adventurer class, which is very weak at the moment at every aspect of the game. The character bonuses aren't really useful so they need to be changed. Current Workaround Adventurer class is very weak in comparison to other classes...
  2. dankolo

    Veteran shop

    Hello, first of all sorry for not writing in the "form" style but I don't think its needed for this idea. The idea is quick and simple. We have trash items in the veteran shop which don't have any use nowadays, even the "Bavarian set"(free set) is better for adventures than the "Outlaw...
  3. dankolo

    veteran shop

    Hello, are you going to add more items to veteran shop ? I think VS is best shop, beacuse you need to play andventure to get points.