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  1. joe ackert

    Looking for Members to Join "Alphas"

    If there's anyone on World Arizona that is looking for a town to join, contact Joe Ackert
  2. joe ackert

    FO alliance Gone

    Now that FO alliance is gone (again), any good/active towns are more than welcome to join "The Alpha Pack" alliance!
  3. joe ackert

    The Shadow City Recruitment

    For any njubs still in world 1, and would like to join the best dueling town ever, TSC is still open for good and active duelers. Send me a message
  4. joe ackert

    Product in Market are way Overpriced?

    Hey guys and gals, is it just me, or the market on Arizona (and any other world) is just way to overpriced? I understand for named and very rare objects, but for sugar and beans etc. are ridiculous
  5. joe ackert

    Original Sin looking for new people!!

    Howdy, are you interested in joining our town? Our town is fully built with level 5 hotel, level 10 tailor and general store. We even have a level 15 gunsmith for you guys that want to be a dueler. Also we have a fully built market if you need anything, we will help you out! We have...
  6. joe ackert

    cash battle recuriting!!!

    MAIL ME OR DE RAGUZ INGAME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED SO YOU CAN JOIN IN THIS BATTLE!!! Hi all, we tried to make cash fight 3 times by now, and we had some success and some fail. Now from experience we can make good cash fight with 99% of success. So no need to worry about. This is all about it...
  7. joe ackert

    Cash battle!

    the town of coronado is going to have a cash battle next friday server time 23/00/00. we need people level 40 and under to bring a least 3k, level 50 to bring at least 4k, and have level 60 to bring a least 5-6k(you can bring more if you want). our goal is to get nat machate, allen pepperbox...
  8. joe ackert

    Resolved 3rd piece of the note

    Do you have to get the 3rd piece of note at level 57?????????????????????? :ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy:
  9. joe ackert

    Best loot in a duel

    joe ackert Level 54 Dueling level 95 Challenger Duel location Galloway dushka Level 70 Dueling level 74 No hit No hit Strike: Right arm - 47 HP...
  10. joe ackert

    New advantages for Dueler class

    This is my idea to improve the Dueler Class Dueler Class description: Duelers live for the moment. They love to duel. They challenge other players for a handful of dollars, out of revenge or even just for fun. Duelers rarely stay close to their town, they move from town to town looking for...