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  1. Darknoon5

    Abiline and the NEC

    Hi there everybody, I'm the founder of the town NEC - Abiline. At 18 members and growing every day, we're the most active town with one of the most dynamic communities in the North East of the map. We have a mix of classes, levels, and professions. We even have one member who actually role-plays...
  2. Darknoon5

    Checking in

    Hey, I haven't logged in on here for...a while. Anyways, I saw an add for this game the other day and was reminded of the forums and such, so I thought I would log on and say "hi" to anybody who knows me. Admittedly, not many people I know are active, but anyway. Nice to see Elmyr is still a...
  3. Darknoon5

    Death of Bin Laden

    I'm guessing everybody's heard this by now. What are your opinions? Was it a good call? Should he have been captured instead? Personally, I think they've just ended up making him a martyr.
  4. Darknoon5

    The decision ambush stagecoach

    I've done the right decisions to accept this quest, but it won't let me accept this or either. I don't know why-help?
  5. Darknoon5

    BBC's credibility

    I saw a post from Giz that said the BBC is a british "indoctrinating" news source. However, I personally find BBC to be the most neutral of all, especially compared to fox. Anybody elses opinions?
  6. Darknoon5

    Forum town

    So after the discussion in the forum personalities thread, would anybody be willing to go for this idea? Like I said in that thread, w2 already has a lot of forum goers in it.
  7. Darknoon5

    The soap has returned

    Yes, the soap has once again returned to do battle.
  8. Darknoon5

    The death penalty

    I've been pondering this for some time, and here is a thread to debate the ethics of the death penalty. I see several people who steadfastly oppose the death penalty, then hear about somebody like Jeffery Dahmer and seem appauled and often support the death. Here in England the death penalty is...
  9. Darknoon5

    Terrorist in school Glad to see that filfthy gunman got what they deserved...
  10. Darknoon5

    Elephant gun?

    I've never seen this before. Anybody else?
  11. Darknoon5

    God vs Satan

    Can I quote the original post (not mine) From the article: God •God takes away Adam and Eve's eternal life, thus commiting the first murder, and holds their descendants responsible and visiting Adam and Eve's punishment down on their children. In today's moral standards, the sins of the...
  12. Darknoon5

    Bible/Religion discussion thread

    I started this because the bible and religion seems to seep into every thread, however unrelated I've checked through the rules and this kind of thread is fine as long it is a discussion and not a bash-fest or such. Argue about the bible and, er, religion and how science fits in and stuff...
  13. Darknoon5

    Should religion be illegal?

    It's a simple enough question-should religion be illegal? Does it contribute to society? How many wars has it caused? How many people have been mislead? Go, discuss.
  14. Darknoon5

    Vote: Best RPG Series

    Notice key word-series, meaning more then one game. 1)Mass Effect 2)Knights of the old republic 3)Fallout 4)Baldurs Gate 5)Elder scrolls 6)Icewind dale 7)Final fantasy 8)Pokemon 9)Diablo 10)Fable 11)Neverwinter 12)Dragon age (expansion pack as well as first game, sequel planned to be released...
  15. Darknoon5

    VOTE: Best RTS game

    Here's the list-important notes in red This is for my video game of the week thread. Just post your vote, pref with an opinion. 1)Dune 2-First ever real RTS 2)Supreme Commander-Ability to do this 3)Command and Conquer (C&Q) 4)Company of Heroes-Much less focus on resources, more on tactics...
  16. Darknoon5

    I just won

    THE GAME!! Oh, wait...
  17. Darknoon5

    What happened...

    To everybody cool? Oisin? Denisero? Adelei? Violette? George Hurst? And dare I say it, Toko? All but a few of the multitudes who have dissapeared, generally without a warning or a trace.
  18. Darknoon5

    Dn5's video game of the week - "Fallout: New Vegas" (2010)

    (( Mod insert: Every week a Video Game is presented for discussion. Stay On-Topic and discuss the video game of the week (as presented by the host of this thread), not just any video game. Additionally, this thread is not subject to the 10 page rule, as the topic changes periodically. ))...
  19. Darknoon5

    Clint's poncho

    Should give +9000 shooting,+9000aim, +9000 reflex and +1000000 appearance.
  20. Darknoon5

    Mass effect film

    Link. After seeing Prince of persia, I'm hopeful. Not a great film, but good, and it's a start. As long as this film is well-executed, and preferably before the main story arc, I'll be happy.