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  1. Farmerlynch

    Reduce Job Screen Size

    Proposal The ability to reduce the size of the job screen Current Workaround Close it or minimize it completely Details As it is with the stupid short job times we have to stay and look at a job screen for up to 20 minutes clicking. the information there is 1- already known and 2 after...
  2. Farmerlynch

    Quest item search

    Proposal Have a search button in the quest window for auctionable items that you don't have but need. Current Workaround You can open your town menu, then market then type what your looking for, this gets annoying when townless and you have to scan the map for a town first Details Add a...
  3. Farmerlynch

    Reputation query

    So i tried giving rep to a person this morning and got a message "you must spread reputation around etc etc" so my question is how many people must i rep to be able to rep a person a 2nd time?? and does that value change as you get more rep i.e. the higher the rep you have the less people you...
  4. Farmerlynch

    New Dueling Weapon quests

    Proposal The introduction of new dueling weapons but unlike current weapons where a minimum level is required these weapons would require a specific dueling level in order to be used Current Workaround Details perhaps it could work like this- at dueling lvl 120 a quest would appear in the...
  5. Farmerlynch

    West 2.0 discussion

    Da Twista's original post just a few questions :P -is this new map similar to the one shown on the devblog a few months back?? -will towns/jobs still be located in the same place? -will there be a 1.37 before hand or is the next update gonna be 2.0
  6. Farmerlynch

    Resolved Fort Profile Picture

    ive noticed on a few worlds that certain forts have pictures in there profiles yet as an owner of a fort i cant find an option to add any picture. can sum1 help me out plz
  7. Farmerlynch


    Are you tired of wandering across the wastlands need a place to call home? Nowhere is the only place in the west where u can walk from 1 side of town to the other and still be in the middle of nowhere. Send me a mail here or a telegram in game if u want to help put nowhere on the map Duelers...