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  1. New The circus fair has been taken hostage!(gone)

    Very disapointing, I had a lot of the stuff needed to help build the fair and thought that if the fair was back it was for good, so I donated a lot of what I had . And now, the fair is gone and so is the stuff I donated ...
  2. Inside Your Valentines Premium Box

    Crazy Horse's Indian clothing
  3. Question about 'spending' hearts.

    So is any of you close to the 180 000 hearts? I reached 100 000 hearts a few hours ago and will probably never reach the goal ( without spending more than 3000 nuggets, which i won't do )
  4. Traveling fair

    Good question
  5. TW-times newsletter

    Same for me, have seen some pics on the german TWTimes for what may be the future Fair , but I unfortunately only can read French, English and a bit of Spanish
  6. Cannot Log Into World 12

  7. Easter Tombala Dueling Error

    Same here , not a good start for the event :( .
  8. Galeries lafayette recruiting

    Big update to our town status
  9. Galeries lafayette recruiting

    The objectives per week have been updated.
  10. Galeries lafayette recruiting

    Our bank will soon be level 9, contact me if you want to join
  11. Galeries lafayette recruiting

    Howdy folks, our town is looking for new members :) . Town Name: Galeries Lafayette Town Rank: 248 ( on june 9 2009) Town Points: 34829 Points What positions are open: every position are avaible Number of Open Positions: for now 20 ( soon there 'll be more) Town Descriptions: We are...
  12. v1.19 update !

    When you look at your local shops in real life would you imagine that the owner would have to build another shop just cause there is for exemple a new brand of cereals ? Now look at what happened with this update it's quite the same.
  13. You opinion on V1.19 update

    As i already told: -Really bad...(2/10)
  14. You opinion on V1.19 update

    -Really bad...(2/10) ( any way to reset the update lol ? )
  15. v1.19 update !

    What another premium option ??? :huh: They should have thought about it earlier updating before having a solution is just plain stupid. :laugh:
  16. v1.19 update !

    I'm already bored of this thing. Waited two weeks hopping to see some good things happen and just realised it was a borring update :sad:. Tss if you're looking for me I'm in my field burying my premiums :dry: . I'm really wonderring why I spent 362 hours during the last 5 monthes constructing...
  17. I can't find any cotton!

    It's not 0% luck of finding cotton :nowink: it's 0% luck of finding another bonus item, the ratio for picking cotton is 75% luck to find 1 unit of cotton. Come back picking cotton when your cowboy will have 100% motivation doing this job and work for 2 hours you surely will have at least 1 unit...