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  1. infiniti99

    Experienced Duelers Only Need Apply

    Let's conquer Colorado.Come join The Zero's if you think you have what it takes.Please mail me in game.
  2. infiniti99

    Who's the best and who is not?

    Arizona ====================>best duelers Arizona=======================>who is not but thinks they are Arizona=======================best towns fort fighting and dueling. Arizona=======================which ones think they are but are not Let's get the Arizona juices flowing.Tell us what you...
  3. infiniti99

    Sixguns n Strumpets

    We are in need of experienced soldiers.The ability to Ko builders as well as soldiers is expected.PM me in game asap.
  4. infiniti99

    Rebels canyon needs experienced soldiers now

    Level 55+ soldiers duelers fighters asap please apply we need help for a upcoming battle!!pm me in game if you have the guts on this boring planet ,do you have what it takes to be a rebel?
  5. infiniti99

    What town do you think is the best dueling town is world 11?

    Tell me your choice for top 10 dueling towns What town would this be please let me know as I have about 10 in my mind but would love your input please.Also your choice for top 10 duelers if you would like there are many but best record RECORD MEANS NOTHING TO ME,BEST RECORD DOES NOT MEAN BEST...
  6. infiniti99

    Rebels canyon looking for a pure builder or 2

    Pm me in game please looking to get this town done quickly.
  7. infiniti99

    Why are you hiding?

    Your being attacked by 5 duelers your town has 49 members in your town and you also have 6-7 other towns why do you hide in your hotel cause I'm a knocking and want you to come out and play?
  8. infiniti99

    Reputation Good/Bad/Leave your name

    Now I posted this the other day and it was closed but I do feel it is a worthwhile topic for conversation since many people insist on leaving reputation without leaving their names.They are cowards and yellow "when remarking on a thread that I put thought into"I don't care if it's good or bad...
  9. infiniti99

    When giving reputation good or bad leave your name.

    One of my biggest pet peeves are people who will pick apart all you have to say and then they leave a bad rep and they are so gutless they can't leave their name.Yes there have been many of them and I have no issue if you don't like it but to take the time to say something not nice and not leave...
  10. infiniti99

    join infiniti99 in w-11 town SOLDIER defense group

    Looking for players who will be soldiers to defend whatever town I have chosen right now none are built but I have 15 soldiers and need more to accomplish our town defense goals.I have plenty of experience in this area pm me in game or mssg here.THE TIME IS NOW!! looking for duelers soldiers...
  11. infiniti99

    Who do you want to duel?

    SEASONS GREETINGS TO ALL,This thread is is a duel promotion thread and what you must do is call out the one you want to duel and we will try to set it up using the power of the forum."levels must be fair" Call out that hotel hugger right here right now this open to all levels all classes this...
  12. infiniti99

    Coyote country is hiring soldiers only====>

    Come check us out and play with active players who love the game. We all play in many worlds and you must want to be active a soldier any level come help us grow
  13. infiniti99

    Does anybody know this player and where he came from?

    mislavx very important does anybody know where this player came from in w-6 what town friends?Our town will pay a reward for info. PM ME IN GAME PLEASE.
  14. infiniti99

    Duelers W-1 AND W-6-Who is the best 1-10

    West rankings be damned let's get to the meat and potato's of this right now. I want to hear from you who you think is the best let's start with the top 10. I'm going to hold off because @ the moment I want to see what names are thrown out there.
  15. infiniti99

    Guntopia========looking for a few good duelers

  16. infiniti99

    Warning if your not one of the best don't apply

    REBELS CANYON IS LOOKING FOR LEVEL 50+DUELING LEVEL 77+ TO HELP US ENFORCE OUR WILL ON MUCH BIGGER AND MORE POWERFUL TOWNS. If you are bored and looking for the next challenge come try out our mercenary town it's a whole new experience and will revive your will to play contact me infiniti99...