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  1. Skill point interface

    Simple suggestion so Ill try to keep it short. I like to suggest a way to distribute a larger amount than 1 to skills/attributes. (I suggest to also implement this for easy decreasing, using the shaman) Currently you have to click once to add one point to that skill/attribute, not a big...
  2. Aliance: Hells Coming

    If you are looking for a town, we have many towns that could use some people. If you already have a town you can join our alliance. We have many spots for builders/adventurers/soldiers/duelers. Hope to see you soon. IplugNplay
  3. Bin Looney Recruiting (also need builder)

    Bin Looney Recruiting Hi, we from Bin Looney would like more Looney's in our town! Please join us, message me for invite or leave a reply here (might take longer) Town Name: Bin Looney Town Rank: 62 Town Points: 63292 What classes are required: - Number of Open Positions: 10