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  1. Black Apachhe

    Resolved Second 3rd key

    Howdy! I bought a 3rd key and got a golden gun. Now I'm wondering is it posibble to find 3rd key again (grave robber/ travelling merchant). Thanks in advance. -BA-
  2. Black Apachhe

    Black Apache's Artwork

    Tried to do Slash as well lol Not as good as Catherine's but... :)
  3. Black Apachhe

    Resolved Grey rep

    Recently got one. I searched and found that this question was already asked by tigermite. beverbeverbever explained it partially explained it, see post He said that...
  4. Black Apachhe

    Golden Colt I fullfil every requirement for Golden colt but the quest does not appear. Bug??
  5. Black Apachhe

    Resolved Being rich in TW

    Hi!! Can you give me some advices on how to get to 1,000,000$$. I have read some threads about this, but they are pretty old, not including new jobs nor crafts, etc. Thanks in advance. :) :)
  6. Black Apachhe

    Adding new advantage to soldiers

    I think this should really be done beacuse of two reasons: Soldier class is only one with only 4 advantages, other classes have 5 (duelers 6) With the new update, soldier's tactic bonus became useless.. What do you think about it? :) B.A.
  7. Black Apachhe

    Flash View

    Is there any way to make your all duels show in flash view?? HTML sux and destroys a suprise.. Thanks in advance Apachhe
  8. Black Apachhe

    missing newspaper

    Yesterday Ihave quequed two jobs per 15 minutes (selling newspaper) in one of them i have found newspaper, and in another one i found stinky fish...... But only stinky fish was in my inventory.. Bug??
  9. Black Apachhe

    Resolved Extra Items

    Here's quick one: How to get some extra items like premium chest and unique chest... All help will be appreciated Thanks Black Apachhe
  10. Black Apachhe

    Resolved Hiding / Charisma

    Did anyone try this build?? If someone did, let me know is it worth of trying.. Thanks in advance BA
  11. Black Apachhe

    Resolved Playing on same worlds

    Hello Here is a short question: Can two players play on same world with different e-mail, name, pass ?
  12. Black Apachhe

    Resolved "Billy's Peacemaker"

    Hello!! Todayi heard that one guy from brisco find billy peacemaker from doing grave robbing; :blink: :blink: is that possible?? on tw db saw that you need to have 2000++ LP Again, is that possible,??
  13. Black Apachhe

    Resolved Stop Being hider. .....

    Good day!! I, have character wich is pure hider level 30 and em enjoying it til now, but i, just unlocked treasure hunt and dont know what next as treasure is one of most important reason why to go for pure hider, correct??
  14. Black Apachhe

    Resolved Deleting Accounts

    Hello!! I, pleay on many worlds and i tried to delete one of em, but when i delete it, it stays up in place of worlds that i play, but i deleted it. is that how it shoulda be in 1.32 or something else Any help would be highly appreciated Black Apachhe
  15. Black Apachhe


    What exactly changed about duelling sistem in this new update???
  16. Black Apachhe

    Resolved Merging Worlds

    Hello! I heard that worlds will start to merge, so i was wondering; What if two players play on worlds (6 & 7) for example from same IP, do they need to delete one character when those two worlds merge?? Thanks in advance Black Apachhe
  17. Black Apachhe

    Resolved Quest Progress

    Hello! I was wondering is there any way to check your quest progress :) Thanks
  18. Black Apachhe

    Quest Build

    Hello!! I was wondering if there is any build that has good exp jobs and with it you can do MOST of the quests Thanks in advance Black Apachhe
  19. Black Apachhe

    Boxes are so, so random

    Hello. Yesterday we had a battle on world 12.I had 1hit 3misses 0taken shots 0dodged shots Damage inflicted:194, and i got a wooden box- brown pistol belt inside- 10725$$ I think this should really change and that boxes should be like earned rewards, not just random, do you? Apachhe