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    SUPER ALLIANCES MUST DIE TO FIX FORT FIGHTING Winners attract winners, nugget munchers attract nugget munchers and super alliances naturally form. Worse, they end up dominating a world and taking all the forts. The result is the world dies and players quit. The game is full of alliances who...
  2. make quest forum searchable

    i mean, really. we all use twdb. spoiler is no longer a term in this game with any meaning. time to join the 21st century inno! please make the quest forum searchable! thankx in advance!
  3. Confirmed Finding Mr Easter Bunny ~ No Crcked Egg

    First quest of the questline. Tried all three wood jobs, but cracked egg will not drop. World Fairbank if that helps
  4. How would you randomize medium fort battles?

    We mostly always dig medium forts, so only randomize mediums would make it easier for Inno. I'll start the ball rolling with my initial suggestions. 1) Complete the Attacker Starting Ring ~ Allows attackers to start north also. Also makes it harder for defenders to block north with a two-sided...
  5. Why don't you fort fight?

    Instead of us FFers trying to figure this out, it would be most helpful if you all told us why you don't! How could the game be changed so that you would change your mind? Please help us with your ideas & suggestions here. Thank You!
  6. Remove health as a player controlled skill

    Proposal Remove health as a player controlled skill. Current Workaround None Details Inno gives us back our health SP to re-allocate. The new health formula is 30-40 health per level. Health gear still works, as do health buffs & quests that give health. Abuse Prevention None Visual Aids...
  7. No Christmas Angel Quest for Christmas 2009 Repeatable

    I waited until 12/25 to make sure it was not showing up a day late. We are supposed to get a Present since we already got the Snowman's hat last year. Last quest completed is The Christmas Star.
  8. Resolved Crafting & Fort Fighting

    Crafting is a queued job, while Fort fighting is not. Correct? Let's say we are at the fort & signed up. Normally duel protected. Can we craft then w/o problems like being kicked outta duel protection? What about if we are crafting when battle begins? What happens then? Can we even close...
  9. Rusty or Precise?

    OK, this is driving me crazy. Today I got an alliance forum post claiming that if we even dare try to wear a rusty to a fort battle, we will be labeled as a noob & not even get rank. Precise Crossbow 120-192 Rusty Percussion Rifle 126-226 Both from drops & the best I have at the moment. The...
  10. Hotel California ~ Room for Everyone!

    Town Name: Hotel California (Row 2 Column 5 Smack Dab in the middle of the map. Perfect location!) Town Rank: 461 Town Points: 41951 What classes are required: Everyone! Number of Open Positions: 35 Town Descriptions: Maxed Shops! Where to contact: Bad Billy Jack, Funt Gruttock or countrysis...
  11. Resolved Foreign saloon - Experience category

    What does the experience column in a foreign saloon mean? It looks to low to be experience gained in duels. Something else? Thankx!