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  1. mwfossils

    Halloween quest problems

    There have been a few issues with these quests this year. I felt it best to have a separate thread so as better to direct people to find help with the more specific problems they've been meeting. Firstly - there are two old women. For the first time around, you need the one in County 5. For...
  2. mwfossils

    World two problems

    World two seems to be experiencing some serious problems at the moment. Fatal errors, missing and disappearing quests, towns showing as ghost towns and general crashing. I'm trying to get this addressed, but it would be useful to hear more detailed information from those experiencing the...
  3. mwfossils

    Middleton South

    There's room in my town. If you are new to the game I can help you out. If you're new to w9 and want a town/alliance with regular fort fights, we can help you out. If you are in a deep hole with slippery sides, I can help you out. My arms are quite long. I don't really mind what level you...
  4. mwfossils

    The Pursuer

    Just wondering if anyone has beaten him. And how? I've given up for the time being. Waiting for a telegraph saying that he's got the flu or something. Then I'll go get him.
  5. mwfossils

    Green River Wants You! Well. One of you.

    We have one spot left in a town with committed players. We're looking for someone that's going to put in the time/effort to help the town, take part and so on. The town's in a good place, surrounded by a lot of varied jobs for different levels of player. Let me know... mwfossils