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  1. Ask CM about the game

    Haha well that is sweet ;-) But i will gladly do my best to answer - If anything i have always searched for answers about the games i played so i would love to give out the info i can :) So for you @Clever Hans and your questions. 1. At the moment i only know very little about game development...
  2. Caribbean Sale - feedback

    extra extra - read all about it - extra extra :-D The next Sale
  3. Caribbean Sale - Announcement

    Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls, This summer is extremely warm, so why don't you relax under a palm tree on the Caribbean coast, with a cocktail in your hand? ...and of course get dressed in our brand new Caribbean set - which is indispensable for the authentic Caribbean feeling! You don't have to...
  4. Union set sale

    Again i will gladly suggest this, but i can not promise anything :-)
  5. New Awesomia battles

    Well attendance, might also have dropped a little, since these past weeks have seen a lot of battles from me, and maybe people got tired of it. But from no on, at least without events, i will "only" be doing 1 each week, as voted on one of the polls. So maybe people might be more willing to...
  6. New Awesomia battles

    As always i will try to answer all question i have read. Now starting with Awesomia. That is a big fort, and i do not think i can change it in any way. But i will ask about this. Compared to numbers in the fights, they were raised, as the big fights where overfilled doing the events. But now...
  7. Union set sale

    You get a union set, and you get a union set - EVERY GETS A UUUNNNIIOOOOOONNNN WUHUUU Eh or not :-D Haaa got you going there for a second. Nah sorry, this is sadly in no way at all something i can control. Only the higher power Innogames, would be able to do that. And it does not sound like it...
  8. New Awesomia battles

    I can increase those as well or lower them, depending on what you all want. But at the moment only the big fort numbers have been changed.
  9. World closure

    Friday :-)
  10. World closure

    A little of topic from world 1 closure, but still, why are there so many who want to migrate out of Idaho ? If you all merge to other worlds, would it not just go on to those worlds? Or do you hope to merge to somewhere, where the "bad players" do not follow ?
  11. World closure

    No one and everyone is special :) I had not thought that this would make such big fuss. At the moment, my focus is on world 1 and getting those players migrated. There are still 142 players on the world, and they need to be out by Sunday. So a lot of actions needs to happen there still.
  12. World closure

    Yes please everybody be nice to each other, or i will close this topic.
  13. New Awesomia battles

    Yes they did. And i will now make one Awesomia battle each week. So attendance or not, get it going in the worlds, and lets wake people up :-P
  14. New Awesomia battles

    Well that is simply not my problem. You players asked for Fort battles, i have given them to you.
  15. World closure

    Hi all. As i said in the beginning of my time being Manager. I will have no favors or favorite person that i will treat special. When that it said, for an unlucky ****-up Colorado apparently is NOT a full premium world, as the only single world on this marked. that is why i thought i could...
  16. New Awesomia battles

    Exactly, it is all a test. So until we get a full blown filled fort battle, it is hard to know if the current setup is good. So if you want a fun long fight, maybe ask how the statistic is in the saloon chat, then one from defense can answer and one from attack can answer. And that could give...
  17. World closure

    I will need to make a list of all the worlds, and see what worlds have the same setup. When that is done. I might look into this migration stuff. But it will mostly only happen after world 1 is closed.
  18. World closure

    From the support tools, we can manually move a character to another world. BUT only within this marked. I can not move you to another language marked ;-)
  19. World closure

    No matter the story, i will listen to it all. So write a ticket to start with. It is better than nothing :) And a "general" migration from world to world. will be talked about when we are done with World 1 i think. For now not to have to much action we need to wait for that. And if you have a...
  20. World closure

    Hi everyone. I have enabled all worlds to migrate to again. Except juarez, and kansas. So feel free to migrate. Players in vacation mode, and inactive players, will all be deleted. We sadly just cant send a mail out to every player and make them come alive. They simply just need to look at the...