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  1. Protasov

    Easter Puzzle Game 2

  2. Protasov

    Easter Puzzle Game 1

    Henry needs to prepare fifteen (15) glasses with paper straws.
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    Undefined quest - praying a million times

    I'm almost done ... just a few more to go.
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    Feedback Independence's Founders day

    I got them all, and I'll get all the "Bag with documents" as well. But you know what? It's really not enjoyable. I'm playing a game I enjoy, but doing a task which is incredibly frustrating, time-consuming, and off-putting. Sure, an argument could be, "no one is forcing you to", and you are...
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    Achievement Question

    As I was scrolling through my achievements to see which ones I haven't completed, I saw the following "incomplete" achievement - "Where is the Spring?" However, I have 70/70 snowballs and it's at 100%, yet the achievement is not considered complete. Anyone else see this?
  6. Protasov

    Website - English support

    Yes, that is for a specific job, which is not a problem. One of the benefits of the tw-db addon was that you could also use it to choose the best gear for non-job-related things, like speed, regeneration, melee dueling, ranged dueling, fort fighting, etc, which are not a part of the default UI.
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    Website - English support

    I've used tw-calc for a long time, and I haven't seen a way to do it. Could you, for example, explain how I can see the best items to wear/equip that will provide the biggest speed boost?
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    Website - English support

    I used it mainly for the " best possible Wear " functionality, for sets for Speed, Melee Dueler, Regeneration, etc. I am sure my pre-defined sets are very outdated now. Is there another tool out there that will give you "best" sets based on your inventory?
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    I don't use social media, so screw me?

    I'll never create a Facebook account (nor Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.). If that means I don't get bonus ears in The West, I am fine with that.
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    Entries: A new world is on the horizon!

    This one is easy. One of the greatest classic Country/Western songs by Waylon Jennings has the name in it: Luckenbach Fun Fact: Jennings didn't want to even record this song, even though he knew it was going to be a hit. He never even liked it after it was #1 on the Country charts. When they...
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    Oktoberfest 2021 Feedback

    So I have the quest "It is me, Master of Events" today become available from Henry. Is that a couple days early?
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    Help Tecumseh (Maze Contest)

    Question: Tecumseh is on his way home to the village. He is collecting ingredients for making dinner, when he gets home. Can you figure out what it is? Answer: THE HOTTEST CHILI IN THE WEST
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    The West Turns 13! - Discussion

    Winner announcements?
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    My contest entry - Game 3 - Protasov - El Dorado

    Cake THREE (3) is the odd cake out.
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    My contest entry - Game 2 - Protasov - El Dorado

    YearEvent 2008The West was launched 2009Fort Battles were introduced 2010Market & Trading implemented 2011Pants were introduced 2012The West 2.0 was released 2013The West turned 5! 2014Multiplayer Adventures were introduced 2015Item upgrade added to the game 2016First IFBC event 2017First...
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    My contest entry - Game 1 - Protasov - El Dorado

    #1 - Easter #2 - Oktoberfest #3 - Day of the Dead #4 - St. Patrick's Day #5 - Independence Day
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    Valentine's Day Event & Update Feedback - 2.143

    LOL, wow, I'm in the hole on this one...this might take a while...
  18. Protasov

    Valentine's Day Event & Update Feedback - 2.143

    I would hold off completing the quests until the event starts, otherwise those hearts will be lost into the netherworld. My guess is that the quests weren't supposed to start yet...but, there they are.
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    My contest entry - Game 2 - Protasov - El Dorado

    Dance groupings: Henry - Mrs. Anderson Maya - Calvin Scarlett - Seth John - Bella