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  1. Tucker Blue

    Yearly flu shots?

    I only get a flu once every 5 years or so. I don't think yearly flu shots are necessary. Still I see signs in front of pharmacies all over my town. Anyone else not get flu shots? Anyone get the yearly ones?
  2. Tucker Blue

    Music for the mind.

    Death metal is viewed by too many as evil and/or satanic and children are typically steered away from it. Lyrics for The Eagle Flies Alone by death metal band Arch Enemy: When I was born the seed was sown I will not obey, my life is my own Battle rows, which do enslave me Exposed lies that...
  3. Tucker Blue

    Will Smith

    Sooooo, I heard his mom just sent him to his aunty and uncle's in Bel Air.
  4. Tucker Blue

    Trolling 101

    Lesson 1: Stick pics. :D
  5. Tucker Blue

    How to fight the Towel Ban.

    Thank you Master Ken. Your counsel is wise.
  6. Tucker Blue

    Need fresh server ideas

    This is boring as hell. Same crap, same quests, same everything. BOOOOOORIIIIIING. Why not a lvl 50 cap server or a No Town PvP server? Or ANYTHING but this same monotonous droning away the same quests the same problems, the same blah blah blah You're not inspiring anyone to spend money on...
  7. Tucker Blue

    Awesomia ff pretzels

    Pretzels depending on how many players on a side? How many? Say for instance both sides filled to maximum. How many pretzels would they get? Is that on top of pretzels earned from hits/dodges etc.? 6x pretzels of what? For the hits/dodges etc.? Or 6x the side bonus pretzels? Or 6x for both...
  8. Tucker Blue

    Thread report button

    The town forum post report button needs a verification window. It's too close to the Quote button.
  9. Tucker Blue

    Pathogen immunity in humans

    *Immunologic memory is an amazing and beautiful thing. For pathogens that don’t change much from one encounter to the next, it can provide us with lifelong protection. However, preformed immunity can come with caveats for pathogens that have evolved mechanisms that allow them to vary their...
  10. Tucker Blue

    FoE or TW2?

    Which one is less complicated?
  11. Tucker Blue

    I don't use social media, so screw me?

    I guess for people who don't use social media, and the number is growing daily, we get the shaft huh? No extra ears for us? Not cool. Not cool at all.
  12. Tucker Blue

    So now what?

    The West Toolkit script from Greasyfork has been deleted. Which of these are we allowed to use now?
  13. Tucker Blue

    Is it still there?

    Is Obsidian Freespeak still a town? How many players if yes?
  14. Tucker Blue

    Secret Birthday Cake

    What does it regenerate 50% faster?
  15. Tucker Blue

    Lexxi Foxx leaves Steel Panther

    The end of an era indeed. Travis Haley a.k.a. Lexxi Foxx has left Steel Panther to pursue other ventures. I saw Steel Panther six times and had a blast for every second! Lexxi will be missed. They'll never find another bass player as pretty as Lexxi. \m/ :D \m/
  16. Tucker Blue

    A real American Hero.

    This is : Russell-Jay: Gould. He is an American Hero. Everything he claims in this video is recognised as fact by United Nations. : Russell-Jay: Gould. is the owner of the U.S.A. flag under Title 4 of the U.S. Code. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is the most important 1.5 hours you will...
  17. Tucker Blue

    Wu-Han facility U.S.A. funded

    Yes you just heard me correctly. The Wu-Han lab coronavirus 19 leaked from was funded by the U.S.A. Watch, listen, learn.
  18. Tucker Blue

    R.I.P. Off Topic

    I'd like to say it was fun but nobody would reply anyway. Death recorded on this 24th day of July, 2020.
  19. Tucker Blue

    Never had butter chicken before.

    Apparently I've never actually had butter chicken before. Oh I've been served meals with the label butter chicken before but they were flavourless garbage. They also had real chicken and real butter in it. I had a plant based butter chicken today that ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED any other butter...
  20. Tucker Blue

    17yo Florida Teen Dies From Covid-19? I think not.

    Some people are ready for this information. Some aren't. In some, the programming is just too deep. Some believe "My doctor tells me everything I need to know." I'll keep this short. First, read the story. MSN article What killed her was a lifetime of immune system attacks that weakened it to...