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  1. Don Piroquita

    Appatz says goodbye

    same here, how much people tried to play again after few years, only to see dust in his country server, no friends nor famous citys from your time, nothing even the shadow reflection of its former itself. i didnt know you but i happy that you can move on, maybe one day the west will make a...
  2. Don Piroquita

    Asking for union officer to be nerfed every day until it's being nerfed

    if you're getting so frustrated with the game, you'd better try another hobby, only then will you realize that the wrong thing has always been you and not the game, i speak from my own experience.... much love from piroquita
  3. Don Piroquita

    Las Vegas - Contest

    lol raider, just play the game casualy
  4. Don Piroquita

    What are you listening to?

    papanamericano XD, it reminds me playing tw around 2010~