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  1. Ms. Demeanor


    gotta wait for the new server to open then farm help the low level players
  2. Ms. Demeanor

    What are you listening to?

  3. Ms. Demeanor

    What are you listening to?

    By Colorado's own Shourya :) they always cheer me up
  4. Ms. Demeanor

    Gift boxes for repeatable daily holiday tasks don't work

    I believe they make it show in your inventory temporarily so you know you got it :) only way to find them is through your achievements (or tw calc chest analyzer)
  5. Ms. Demeanor

    Gift Hunt & Holiday Sale 2020 Feedback

  6. Ms. Demeanor

    What is the best clothing & horses & weapons for fort battle - damage + hitting?

    level 5 union officer clothes + weapons level 5 murrieta mount + saddle (maybe)
  7. Ms. Demeanor

    Lucky Find

    I always presumed everything on the right side was determined by the gear you're wearing when it finishes, and left side by what you started the job with. Always made sense to me logically :D surprised to hear it's a mixed bag.
  8. Ms. Demeanor

    Lucky Find

    Is there someone that can explain how it works to me please Switching to my luck set (to finish the job) usually lowers the $ in the Lucky Find section, is the extra it gives completely hidden?
  9. Ms. Demeanor

    Issues with Losing Dueling Experience

    how does zero motivation dueling work? and I thought the way to drop your duel level was to lose to the lowest duel level players you could not the highest
  10. Ms. Demeanor

    Recommended World(s) ?

  11. Ms. Demeanor

    Western Friday 2020 - Feedback

    10% and 5% discount, very generous guys ty and nuggets are so generously priced too :)
  12. Ms. Demeanor

    Question on Adventures terms

    well it's all about timing, for example if you want your enemy to take their turns before you do, you take the last spots instead, or later at least. A good example is when you're waiting for them to run round the corner into your line of sight so you can shoot them :) also sometimes YOU need to...
  13. Ms. Demeanor

    Question on Adventures terms

    when ur team pick actions (like move, shoot, etc) they appear on a bar bottom right. the first and second action in that list (right to left) is considered 1 and 2, or first turn you need to use those strategically to get the advantage over the enemy, like KOing them before they escape or...
  14. Ms. Demeanor

    we are coming...

    over reaction much? new players join daily, deal with it.
  15. Ms. Demeanor

    we are coming...

    you have barely played for weeks if not months, you're not an authority on new players (anymore at least) they are joining every day no matter how much you deny it, treating them all like "fake" veterans isn't encouraging.
  16. Ms. Demeanor

    we are coming...

    there are new players joining the game every day, lets not drive them away with negativity. welcome @Killer Bonnie and don't worry about what that player said, they exaggerate :)
  17. Ms. Demeanor

    New world - choose a name

  18. Ms. Demeanor


    I had an extension disabling autoplay of HTML5 videos to stop all the autoplay ads, and that's what broke cinema for me