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  1. nashy19

    What if Real Life™ was like The West?

    We would have duels... Ideas?
  2. nashy19

    Draw the user above

    I have been inspired. Draw the user above, using Paint or whatever you want :cool:
  3. nashy19

    Respond only with questions

    What will we ask about?
  4. nashy19

    Probability #2

    If you choose to answer this question at random what is the chance you will be correct? a: | b: | c: | d: 25%|50%|0%|25% No answer here, just the mandatory anime girl.
  5. nashy19

    Two Coins: Probability

    That's the question. My thoughts: There's four possible results: TH, HT, HH and TT. Ignoring the TT because one coin has to be heads there's 3 which makes it 1/3. However I'm not sure whether TT should just be ignored, because there is a 50% chance one coin is tails, in which case the next coin...
  6. nashy19

    Krokodil Drug (zombie invasion possible)

    I didn't know about this until a little while ago, but this drug makes your body rot, there's pictures of living people with their bones showing. The real name is Dihydrodesoxymorphine Permonid and it's used as cheap Heroin. It's got a list of other extreme side affects like brain damage and...
  7. nashy19

    Suspicious "Quotation Marks"

    Lets use "suspicious" quote marks in our "sentences."
  8. nashy19

    The-West Wiki

    Should we put the wiki to proper use? If it was written and updated properly (updating is the easy part) it would be a useful reference and be able to answer nearly all of the questions in the questions forum. It would also contain the information from guides, putting it neatly in one place...
  9. nashy19

    Bidding on items

    If you bid on an item and then bid again to raise the last bid, do you receive money back? I just did that but I'm not sure if I was refunded.
  10. nashy19

    Legal Systems Can you be prosecuted for breaking laws that did not exist at the time?
  11. nashy19

    My drop log

    Robbing Trains: 1. Nothing 2. Nothing 3. Blue cotton jacket ($1000) 4. Nothing 5. Nothing 6. Nothing 7. Nothing 8. Nothing 9. Nothing 10. Nothing 11. Nothing 12. Foil ($567) 13. Nothing 14. Nothing 15. Nothing 16. Nothing 17. Nothing Transporting Ammunition: 1. Nothing 2. Nothing 3. Nothing...
  12. nashy19

    Caption the picture above

    How to play: Just caption the picture in the post above (you might need this Post the captioned picture and your own picture in a spoiler below. Don't forget your own picture! ---------------------------------------- First pic for captioning: (inspired...
  13. nashy19

    Just wondering...

    What's the difference between 'system message' and deleted?
  14. nashy19

    This might even be legit There's a lot on there, I challenge you to find the craziest single sentence.
  15. nashy19

    Conquer: An image game

    This is my highly experimental, image and turn based game (I was bored), the mechanics might still need some tweaking. If it's successful I'll let different players battle on different areas of the world map and eventually the winners can battle for world domination. 'If' it works...
  16. nashy19

    Chat Room /clear

    Does '/clear' clear the chat for everybody or just you?
  17. nashy19

    Ghost forts ...

    What happens when all towns leave a fort?
  18. nashy19

    Join Black River

    Ҩ Black River Ҩ We are open to recruiting all levels and all types, it doesn't matter if you are a fort fighter or just social. Players will kicked if they go inactive for more than a week, unless they specifically ask us not to, they can rejoin at any time. Black River was originally built...
  19. nashy19

    Shaman rates

    How fast does the cost of moving skill points around decline? (I can usually afford to move them all at once) :ph34r:
  20. nashy19

    Church club?

    My devotion was recognised today. Who else has it?