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  1. chydovish4e

    interface language

    Can INNO make it possible to choose interface language on different servers ? It is strange why West does not have such a simple and useful function. This would greatly help many players to play on national servers, including NET server.
  2. chydovish4e

    New set with hiding

    West needs a set with HP and hiding The defense is very strong in cortina, Captain is not enough to beat cortina in defense It is necessary that mostly people also get shot, for this you need a good set with HP and a hiding, as an alternative to cortina
  3. chydovish4e

    we are coming...

    Hi guys! Ru-zone team coming to Kansas world for FF plaing Will be glad to see old friends on WildWest We invite FF teams from different countries to join new world too, hoping we'll have fun