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  1. "Walk" option to job sites

    I would like to have a 'walk' option to every job area, so that we can equip speed gear to get to the job and then once there change to the relevant job gear.
  2. Upgrading buff

    There are not many shiny clothing items left in Colorado to enable players to upgrade their sets any further, so I was thinking of a new item we can win in Tombolas or even pay for in the Store. An Upgrading buff.. we can have 5 of them...different levels of upgrading. You can use them to...
  3. Six Gun Saloon is looking for fortfighters

    Town Name: Six Gun Saloom Town Rank: 9 Town Points: 834736 What classes are required: Any class as long as you want to be an active player and kick a$$ fortfighter :boone: Number of Open Positions: 12 Town Description: We are centrally located in Colorado with 32 members. We are a really nice...