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  1. Westforts?

    Is westforts going away or being fixed? Everyone I"ve talked to cannot retrieve or upload battle reports after 03/29/21...from mutiple worlds, ...
  2. Is it just me?

    So, I'm it just me or what? Actually, I know it isn't as I've heard from multiple players in multiple worlds. Current ff situation after last update. It seems the Defenses are SUPER easy to win (with very little effort) and Attacks are SUPER difficult, if even possible. The only...

    Cinema's on the fritz...does not "complete"
  4. Migration/Deletion issue

    Anyone else having problems? I deleted a character from AZ at least 2 weeks or more ago and am now trying to migrate from W11 to AZ and get the message to delete the character from AZ first (note I said "at least 2 weeks ago") I sent a ticket and told them this and asked that they delete me...