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  1. April Fools?

    1 whole bond is obivously no laughing matter Futu.
  2. Goals

    My goal is to not quit(again) for a while.
  3. Introductions

    Hello Stranger, you look a little lonely over here. I could say I've been playing longer than you, but while I would be technically correct I'd also be lying out of my arse at the same time. Let's see what a couple of old timers can make out of this world. Who knows, maybe someone else will...
  4. International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion

    Heh, I'm starting to wish I'd actually hit the higher level cap and got the item sets on at least one char.
  5. International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    Player name: One Armed Ninja World: W12 Level: 121 Class: Soldier Profession: Blacksmith Health Points: 5950 without prem (haven't checked gear) Are you skilled for Fort Battles: Yes Online/Offline: Depends on work Leader/Entrant: Willing to be Leader, might be rusty. If Leader, do you have...
  6. Easter Event

    Spent half an hour looking through old western names for something similar. There aren't even any famous Eric's of the old west.
  7. Easter Event

    Might just be that Twista as them equipped on a sub-150 level character, and has copied stats across from there.
  8. 5 years or thereabout - I'm leaving, Thank you

    W10 was good times. Take care alec
  9. What is this????

    Is that the mask thingy? I've no idea myself how to get it, >.>
  10. Missing John Fitz.?

    Have you finished the beginner quests? I've heard about people not appearing in the saloon until you do certain ones.
  11. Closure of W2 and W5 on Oct 11th

    That sucks Onyx :(
  12. Can the 3rd key still be found doing grave robber?

    If you hover over the job circle on the map it shows how many LP you bring. You don't need clothcalc to show it ;)
  13. W17: E for Elmyr!

    This shouldn't even be a debate. E stands for Elmyr, nothing else.
  14. oktoberfest thread!

    The weapon set bonus for King Fisher ain't too bad :P
  15. Resolved Set items

    If you type the name of the set in the search bar of the inventory it works, even for "gentleman" or "indian"
  16. Can the 3rd key still be found doing grave robber?

    I'd like to see a little bit of proof myself. In most recent times I've only actually seen it dropping from TM, though people have been saying it's findable through GR. I just want to see a somewhat recent screenshot and I'll be happy
  17. oktoberfest thread!

    The levels by the draws show how many times you've used one. So 17 by the free draw would mean you've successfully eaten the free one 17 times, and level 4 for the 25 bond one would mean you've eaten that twice (each win counts as 2 levels there) I think if you bribe it might not increase you...
  18. compass

    It's an item you obtain doing the adventurer only quest line. I think it gets used up in another part of that quest line, but I haven't done it in years.
  19. Specialist Questlines

    They said it was a quest for those who duel. I see no reason to whine about it. Quite a few quests used to require a bit off respeccing before level requirements for jobs... There'a definitely no reason to double post ;)