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  1. Feedback Crafting event 2022

    The tonic peddler's item is a bit lame... in effects and in name. ;-P Fruit aroma, fruit liquor, fruit juice...... we peddlers are not thát sweet, you know. Nice though they designed another crafting batch!
  2. Feedback Easter Event 2022

    Why does the bribe window close automatically without you having said No to it? E.g. if you send eggs to collect that bit of blackmail, the window closes automatically (Godfather wants your gold NOW!) and you loose your winning streak... Very annoying to say the least.
  3. Feedback Independence's Founders day

    Drop rates in such events must be increased big time -- I know nobody who got all snowflakes last time, and this time it will also be <beep>. Who has all day to queue 15 sec jobs??
  4. Feedback Winter Event 2022

    The reward is indeed pitiful. And you need a lot of 'expensive' crafted items to get there. What are they thinking.
  5. Feedback Winter Event 2022

    Yea, droprate thusfar is ca. 1 : 20 jobs (15 sec)... that is pretty bad. Such events need 1:10.
  6. Advent Calendar 24. Game

    Colorado $2512 Southpaw Annie
  7. Advent Calendar 23. Game

    "Silent Night"
  8. Advent Calendar 22. Game

    B2, B6, C5, D1, D6, E1, E4
  9. Advent Calendar 20. Game

    Christmas Crackers
  10. Advent Calendar 19. Game

    It is American: -- The early colonists at the Atlantic coast (New England) made their candles with the waxlike substance produced by the berry-like fruit of the bayberry shrub. As this wax was not easy to produce and mold, lighting these candles became restricted to the special time of year...
  11. Advent Calendar 18. Game

    neckband 2020 headgear 2013 clothing 2015 belt 2019 pants 2017 shoes 2016 animal 2014 product 2018 dueling weapon 2014 gun 2012
  12. Advent Calendar 17. Game

    Poland (2015 & 2020) and Hungary (2017)
  13. Advent Calendar 16. Game

    The cane in the shape of a shepherd's staff (versus the original straight canes which were around since the start of the 17th century) came about in Germany in 1670. It spread to the rest of Europe, and then to the USA where a German immigrant mentions it for the first time in 1847.
  14. Advent Calendar 15. Game

    1) gingerbread . 2) snowman . 3) chocolate . 4) christmas . 5) cinnamon . 6) santaclaus . 7) reindeer . 8) mug . 9) candles . 10) present . 11) chestnuts . 12) mincepie . 13) snowglobe . 14) turkey . 15) fruitcake . 16) mistletoe . 17) nutcracker . 18) sugarplum .
  15. Advent Calendar 14. Game

    Traditional British Christmas Cake Ideally, it is made 2 to 3 months (at least 10 weeks) before Christmas, and then gets regularly 'fed' with brandy, allowing the soaked cake to 'mature'.
  16. Market stolers

    Talking about efficiency and customer care... : -- This is not about incidental poaching, but about systematic sabotage of your game across worlds by a very limited amount of players. Banning one such a rat costs a lot less than changing a whole market system. -- If such systematic sabotage is...
  17. Advent Calendar 13. Game

    Adeste Fideles / O Come, All Ye Faithful
  18. Advent Calendar 12. Game

    In parts of the USA, a glass ornament in the shape of a pickle is secretly placed in the Christmas tree. The first child to find this pickle on Christmas morning gets a special treat or gets to open the first gift!
  19. Advent Calendar 11. Game

    1) There is a cactus missing just to the SW of the fort (to the left of the wheel) 2) There is a (horizontal) small island missing to the NE of the large island [= the large island that holds the fort] (to the right of the other small island)