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  1. Diggo11

    Achievements....again, since it was deleted....

    The bug was that it was awarded for inflicting friendly fire, not receiving it, contrary to the description. It was not removed due to difficulty nor will any others, although Kenny could likewise be modified for encouraging anti-team behaviour.
  2. Diggo11

    Version 2.42 discussion

    These values are configurable on the fly, so the intention is to adjust them as balancing would require, something like 42v42, 84v84, 120v120. Of course there haven't been any battles with the new formula yet (excluding Polish servers) so we don't really know what will be appropriate.
  3. Diggo11


    I heard if you pray at midday on Joony's birthday you receive a special type of brown tie...
  4. Diggo11

    Hollywest: The West Video Contest Voting!

  5. Diggo11

    Hollywest: The West Video Contest Voting!

    Only 14 people have a sense of humour :(
  6. Diggo11

    Character changes

    Don't forget it was accompanied by buffing the impact of tactics in the duelling formula.
  7. Diggo11

    International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion

    Out of fourteen people, clearly not everyone would know absolutely everyone well, depending on what worlds they play. Giving people the opportunity to present their pitch sounds quite sensible to me. Both memory and statistics can be misleading...
  8. Diggo11

    Public Beta

    You can always send a ticket! I reported it to our developers, thanks.
  9. Diggo11

    Duel Changes

    It hasn't even been released yet :p Item_upgrading
  10. Diggo11

    Duel Changes

    Seems a bit unfairly advantageous to ranged duellers, who'll have relatively more chance of securing a knockout before melee duellers get their boosted rounds off. Then again, the increase in ranged duellers who go from surviving by the skin of their teeth to getting KOed would probably be greater.
  11. Diggo11

    almighty brown tie, sword of 1000 truths and Geronimo's pepperbox revolver

    I heard that the almighty brown tie comes as a drop from prayer... :ph34r:
  12. Diggo11

    Change the level-up energy & hp fills

    Agreed, there's plenty of options available in the game if you want to play it in boringly easy mode.
  13. Diggo11

    Duelling changes - The West Beta!

    There's still a few but they are far more limited. The primary concern would obviously be the infamous poverty of experience duellers compared to their zero motivation counterparts. If I recall correctly too, duel wins contribute to town points rather than duel experience, another big reason...
  14. Diggo11

    Duelling changes - The West Beta!

    Imo adjusting the 1h back to back protection based on your duel history is an idea with merit.
  15. Diggo11

    Duelling changes - The West Beta!

    Correct. Even your duel ranking of all things will not go down if you lose a duel, let alone your regular (experience) ranking. If that is your problem with this update then you have no problem.
  16. Diggo11

    Duelling changes - The West Beta!

    I don't think you actually understand how the update works. You're confusing two issues. There was a lack of duelling targets at higher duel levels -- the duel level cap has fixed that almost immediately. The problem at lower duel levels is zero motivation duellers trying to keep their...
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    How is the game nowdays?

    omg, spammer
  18. Diggo11

    Submitted Changes in Auto-Ranking

    The attacking town's councillors are given a general rank so as to balance the number of generals with the defence, who on average should have 2-4 times as many founders. Much better than mucking with this would be the ability for generals on both sides to demote themselves, or even *gasp* not...
  19. Diggo11

    Duelling changes - The West Beta!

    I do hope you are one of the beneficiaries of this update then, with extended duel protection, increased "herd protection" and measures to encourage experience duelling (usually against duellers) over zero motivation duelling (usually against non-duellers).