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  1. fortfighter1

    Pirate outfit I noticed that the pirate outfit was for sale in nugget shop until today with no announcement in game or in this forum. Does INNO not want to make money ? Will the outfit be for sale again for people who did not see it on the...
  2. fortfighter1


    I see the tombola in this world is going to cost the top few players well over 1000 euro in real money. Would it not be fair to offer anyone who has more then 500 levels a reward for there $$$$. I was thinking a inno belt or golden tomahawk or something under those lines. Advantages is...
  3. fortfighter1

    Happy Paddys day

    Happy St. Pats day everyone or as we say in Ireland fheile padraig shona duit.........;)
  4. fortfighter1

    Resolved key 2

    I have finished the quests on my world , but i picked the wrong choice and informed the sherriff so i did not get key two. Is it possiable to get key one or key two any other way in this game or can you hunt for key three and if you are lucky find key three twice and use them to forfill the...