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  1. Diggo11

    Who is the meanest moderator?

    Yes, it's back... due to popular demand :cool:
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    So long and thanks for all the fish!

    All good things inevitably come to an end, so I must thank you all for bearing what Hellstromm (jokingly!) described as my "draconian rule" over the past sixteen months. As of 1 January 2012 my position as community manager shall be succeeded by the one and only Da Twista. As much fun as it's...
  3. Diggo11

    Christmas Update & Peace

    Recently all servers have been updated with a small patch that will automatically activate on Thursday. Up until 6 January, a special Christmas shop will be accessible by clicking an icon in the bottom right corner of the window. There ten unique presents will be available for purchase using...
  4. Diggo11

    1.33.1 Patch

    On Thursday we plan to update World 11 to Version 1.33.1. This patch will contain various updates and a brand new questline. After a successful initial testing phase, we hope to rollout the patch across all servers globally. As this world will be the first to trial the update, excluding the...
  5. Diggo11

    Change to Server Time

    Early tomorrow morning (30 October) most of Europe will make the transition from Summer Time to Winter Time. As our servers are located in Germany, this means the game's Server Time will also change. At the current 3 AM, the Server Time will automatically be moved back an hour to 2 AM. This...
  6. Diggo11

    Duelling Formula Feedback Thread

    Quite simply: we're interested to know how you find the new formula. (Well, at least after you've tried it.) The purpose of the new formula is to restore balance between traditional and resistance builds, however with a limited testing scope on the beta we cannot be sure how successful the...
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    Version 1.33

    Below is the changelog for Version 1.33, subject to alteration. Given the provision of a smooth test release on German world one it is expected our servers will be sometime updated next week. Featured Referral System Friends can be invited to play the game via email, Facebook, direct link and...
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    Player Survey

    InnoGames have created a survey for players across all their games: We would appreciate it if you completed the survey so we can evaluate out strengths and identify areas for improvement. Thanks in advance - we really appreciate your feedback ;)
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    Voting Permissions

    Please be aware we have changed the voting permissions for the forum. It is now mandatory to have a total of ten forum posts before you are able to vote in a forum poll. We hope this will ensure fairer outcomes, where each physical person is only able to vote once, without disadvantaging those...
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    P&P A declaration to the world

    That will be all.
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    Looking for a town?

    Are you looking for a town? Well you can submit your application here! Remember to keep your post up to date until you find a town, and don't forget to edit in that you are unavailable once you find a town. You may choose to use the layout below:
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    Read before posting!

    This section is for towns wishing to recruit and players wishing to be recruited. All other discussion does not belong in this sub-forum. You may only bump your town's recruitment thread once per seven days. Do not make multiple threads for your town. Players wishing to be recruited should not...
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    Read before posting!

    Welcome to The West forums! Before posting please be sure to read and understand the Forum Rules. If you have any questions regarding the forum or forum rules you can PM a moderator. Here is a quick breakdown of the forums: The Western Star - contains information on the latest game updates...
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    Version 1.32 & World Colorado

    Tomorrow we will be updating all worlds to Version 1.32. Provided everything runs smoothly the update process should take no longer than five to ten minutes per world, occurring sometime between 08:00 to 12:00 server time. World Colorado will be opened immediately afterwards, enjoying expanded...
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    Rixty Wild Weekly Giveaway! [USA Only]

    June 31st – September 2nd<div style="float: right;"></div> How it Works: Every Friday you could win up to $50 to spend on premium for The West! It’s completely free to enter, and you can re-enter the Giveaway each day to improve your chances. Plus, every time you use Rixty to purchase nuggets...
  16. Diggo11

    Flash Developer Wanted

    With over 60 million registered players around the globe, InnoGames GmbH is one of the leading developers and operators of online games. Since our inception, we have distinguished ourselves through our vibrant growth. Our first game, “Die Stämme / Tribal Wars” is one of the most beloved browser...
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    We're laying the banhammer to rest...

    For a more proactive solution: No unwanted troll can escape!
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    PayPal Unavailability

    Please be aware PayPal will be performing maintenance on their servers during the morning of 27 May. Between 08:04 and 08:30 it will be impossible to buy premium using PayPal; attempting to do so will result in an error. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience.
  19. Diggo11

    Update to Version 1.31

    Provided we experience no technical delays, tomorrow we plan to update all worlds to Version 1.31. The update will include poker, crafting and a new tutorial; you can view the changelog on the Dev Blog. Please note there will be brief a downtime whilst this occurs.
  20. Diggo11

    Merging Worlds

    This poll is unofficial and created at my personal will. It will not necessarily be considered in relation to future development planning. Basically, pick one or more of the above which apply. Love to know what you think ;) Proposals for systems should be copied either to here on as a blog...