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  1. Ripwise

    World cup 2014

    Hello all :) As you know world cup is starting in litle less than 2 days. Its an event that billion people follows :) My country is playing opening match with Brazil. What are your thoughts on the teams? Which one do you think will be in the finals? thoughts on which ones will pass the...
  2. Ripwise

    One of the greats!

    I would like to inform of a sad day for all of us music enthusiasts :( RIP "old friend" :(
  3. Ripwise

    Player DeDekmRaZ is a scammer!

    WARNING I would like to give warning to people not to have any bussines with player DeDekmRaZ. He negotiates a trade at cost and when he buys items from you then he doesnt put his item on the market. There are several players affected by his scams on few worlds he plays. WARNING
  4. Ripwise

    The Easter showdown-what did you get in tombola?

    Hello :) I created this thread for posts regarding what you received in Easter tombola. Please post also which category you spinned and which item you received. Thank you :D
  5. Ripwise

    Labour points buff usage!

    Idea title: Labour point buff use. Details of idea: Idea is buff use number goes down after the job is finished and not when the job is qued or started. Visual Aid: None needed. Reasons for submitting: Such buff usage would eliminate spending buff in vain if wrong job is qued. To many...
  6. Ripwise

    Resolved Prototype and dud question!

    Hello! I was looking to resolve this question on this forum and couldn't find an answer so i will ask: Do i have to exchange prototype and dud for tomato to get 2 charisma attributes and independence medal? Thanks on your effort to resolve this.