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  1. RaiderTr

    Official Youtube Channel

    I've just noticed that someone have just shared a guide video on TW Official Youtube Channel and it made me curious. I mean.. All of a sudden took interest in New players? That'd be good. Wonder who runs the channel/make the videos thou. Ps. Please someone make a new Trailer already :roll:
  2. RaiderTr

    "2021 Plans"

    Well, apparently and unsurprisingly 2020 plans of Inno for The-West became "2021 plans" and still the only thing we hear of is "Level 200" I hoped they'd give up on that imo dumb idea, but apparently not. So I hope they adjust (lower) the required Xp jump Level 120-125 onwards. (For reference...
  3. RaiderTr

    Real Recommended World!

    Sadly, the "Recommended World" you see when logging in, is, the newest server by default for few years, and not necessarily the "Worthy" and/or "Best" of all. If it was up to me, I'd instead show 2 worlds there, one being "Old but gold" and the other is "Newest" so that the people who are after...
  4. RaiderTr

    Soccer Event 2020?

    Will we have the Soccer Event too?
  5. RaiderTr

    Recommended World(s) ?

    I wonder what's this based on, and if it's something automatic or not. In any case it's surprising not to see Colorado there.. I mean.. "Newest" worlds aren't necessarily worthy of being "Recommended" .. Instead, we could have 2 servers there with their starting dates nearby. So one can choose...
  6. RaiderTr

    Love Battles Feedback

    Good and all, but.. how many? :cooln: "Dollars" though.. Hoping they aint 1k/5k packs :roll:
  7. RaiderTr

    Multi Digs?

    So we have someone (typical annoying troll) in Idaho that digs a Fort after other within 10-15 mins almost every day. And we told by Support that they can't/won't do anything against it. Thankfully not much people supports his trollness but he took about 3-4 Forts with that lame "tactic" and...
  8. RaiderTr

    Friday Sale Feedback

    ( I'm mainly positive about this sale. There isn't really anything "OP" , unless you are playing on the (already dead) newest server. Would be good seeing the individual item bonuses though. I'm glad there is no new...
  9. RaiderTr

    Situation of the Game

    We all had our ranting, complaining etc moments but I will try to be as constructive as possible here. Nothing below will be the things you don't already know though. On a side note, I'm one of those first players that came back after a loooong hiatus, and I've talked with a lot of others...
  10. RaiderTr

    "Modern" Hombre Weapons?

    I was wondering why the Hombre weapons' concept was discontinued, which was both Hp & Resist on a Weapon set. (Some people is still after it even tho it was out in '16) Inno could have made such weapon set for R. Livingston as well but they didn't :/ Apparently Tanks get 1 Weapon set per year...
  11. RaiderTr

    Issue with FF Reports/Ranks

    I've been noticing some differences with number of "Dodged shots" during and after the battles (Reports/Ranks) for a while now, but it has become worse now. During the battle I was shown about 10 more Dodges than what Report/Ranks showed me later. (Normally it'd be only 2-3 difference) All the...
  12. RaiderTr

    Independence Day 2019

    Well since Kuro didn't, might as well be one of us.. to open such thread :p So from what I understood, this time there is no Fireworks Container box that can be bought via Bonds? And how to get the boxes mentioned below the "colorful" ones?
  13. RaiderTr

    Better Opening Time for Travelling Fair?

    Can't it just be opened at Midnight server time (aka Daily reset time) as well? It's just too late but it's already filled until the morning (for the most part) . I just can't get to dump the (most useless, yet tons of) products sitting in my inventory for ages now, cause they always already...
  14. RaiderTr

    When is (...)

    the Hickok speed set will become Auctionable? I mean it's been almost a month since the event is over.
  15. RaiderTr

    Buffs Need to be Re-Designed

    Hey everyone, I'm sure many of you are aware that it's about time that many of the Craft Buffs to be re-designed. Bonuses are mainly (not All) fine but the real issue lies with the way they work/apply. That being said, the new OP sets lower the effectiveness of many to almost zero. Some...
  16. RaiderTr

    "Awards" on FF Reports

    I have yet to figure out how these "Awards" handed out. They are random. I mean according to here, you must be 1st (or one of the Top?) to get these but check the battle (look for my Name , on "Players" tab) and then the image:
  17. RaiderTr

    Town Window Bug (Idaho)

    So few hours ago we -the Idaho players- noticed that we can't open ANY Town window anymore (well, except GM town..) , nor can Deposit money. You get; And "Streak of Bad luck" when you try to Deposit money (via Script/s)
  18. RaiderTr

    Balancing Fort Battles*

    *Rewards, Classes and Damage. As mentioned here, there are significant Balance issues with FFs. And the possible solutions (in my opinion) are as follows; 1- Worker class bonuses can be lowered to %15 (%30 with Premium) 2- HP loss can have an effect on Battle Rewards -so that Sacrifice is...
  19. RaiderTr

    2nd Avatar of Valentine Event is Bugged?

    So the first Avatar award is chocolate and its under Stances. But I have yet to find the second one -the Scarf (as the definition and preview suggests) .. that is unlocked via 35k hearts. Bugged or wut
  20. RaiderTr

    Damage & Class Balance (of FFs)

    So I've been playing the game after a long time and noticed that it favors the Damage (and Workers) too much. (No wonder why most players of the newest server are Duelers and Workers!) I don't know much of the past but, at the moment, Duelers & Workers can easily get quite high rewards from...