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  1. drphil3

    (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    and this is only one of the many reasons i don't join towns anymore. I will join an ff if there's lack on either side and the spirit is willing but in general, like a lot of players who have been around longer, there's just not a lot in them for me anymore outside of a few quick bonds......if that.
  2. drphil3

    Appatz says goodbye

    Happier trails old chap, and may the sun be forever at your back.
  3. drphil3

    Market Sale Bug

    please delete this, user error, fixed
  4. drphil3

    Market Sale Bug

    Drphil3 Houston Market I did everything at the bottom of the format suggestions. i tried to sell an item, first at their town then in mine, neither works. the sale does not show up in buy tab, and when in sale tab, there's no indicator fo whether it's for everyone or another category. i also...
  5. drphil3

    Hr Nyborg appreciation thread

    what happened to the inno team list in membership? why are there only two staff members in it? why have i never heard or seen either of them before? and how long will it be before said team takes this thread down, cementing some of the community's feelings towards them? i never met you sir...
  6. drphil3

    Ask CM about the game

    remember what the original tutorial was like in 07, new servers are indeed welcome.
  7. drphil3

    Discussion Updated Script Catalog

    the inventory search buttons are gone. so are the collection and missing item boxes in market. in fact everything market related is gone
  8. drphil3

    Real Recommended World!

    colorado has a mildly dramatic history, a few annoying past events (what server hasn't?), but overall putting them aside it's an okay server. as long as players are given the space to play as they like without some older players pestering them too much. .........they know who they are ^^ and...
  9. drphil3

    What are you listening to?

    i listen to a lot of EDM and ambient stuff these days. nothing super preachy to it, just a lot of airy warm fuzzies