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  1. Town shop multi-buy

    Idea title: Multi-Buy button Details of idea: Since Upgrading was introduced, there is a demand for large amounts of certain items, some of them from the shops(Tailor, Gunsmith, General Store). Also, a recent addition to crafting is a button to craft multiples of an item, streamlining the...
  2. Main story Questline

    If I have started playing on Colorado about a week ago, how to I get the early part of Main story? Thanks.:)
  3. Resolved Rotten eggs sold! :(

    Oh noes! I went to the NPC trader and I was testing if you can sell the rotten eggs, and they sold!:(:(:( since you cant sell golden colt (I read that in quest forum) I thouht that you cant sell the rotten eggs also, but they sold,:( is there any way to get them back? please tell!
  4. Trading post

    Post here items you want to sell/buy at the world 9 Market. ---------------------------------------------- Since World Arizona has one I thought the world 9 forum should have one too. so, whats everyone selling?:P please keep this thread clean.
  5. next Holiday quests

    *The next Holiday quest is coming, I better stock on products* hehe, its a little idea I thought of, you should start stocking on products. ie those turkeys!:blink: so, post your guesses what the next piece of the Holiday set!:up:
  6. Golden City Recruiting!

    Hello Everyone! I have a city called Golden City, and I need some Active players!:up: Details of town: Town Hall (Level 10) Market (Level 10) Sheriff (Level 5) Tailor (Level 10) Gunsmith (Level 15) General store (Level 10) Hotel (Level 5) Bank (Level 10) Shoping passes are free! Our...
  7. post your inventory

    there's one in world 1, why not here?? mine's nothing much: sell value: $15358 buy price: $30716
  8. the west stats and tools

    when was the last time weststats was updated??:indian: example; go to weststats, go to Informatio, click buildings, and look at Information about the bank.
  9. ghost towns with names???

    hey i'v seen ghost towns in world 9 with names??:ph34r::unsure: whats that about?
  10. best Product

    hey! which product do you think is the best???:P i say the fireworks rocket, even i dont have it, TWO attribute points in strength, mobility, dexterity and charisma! that means 10 labor points in EVERY job!:ohmy:
  11. Money makers needed!

    yo everyone! I founded a Town with 907 1102 Points, and I need some Money makers! spots open: 3, class's needed: Duelers and soldiers, Jobs less than 10 mins away: (with Quarter Horse) Sawing wood: 50 sec away, Picking corn: 1 min and 31 sec away, Coal mining: 1 min and 53 sec...
  12. Resolved Up/down buttons in forums

    hey, you know when a town founder makes a town forum? well, after he makes it, what are the up and down bottons? here's a screen shot:
  13. jokes

    just a joke, :p
  14. fake injurys

    howdy everyone! here you post fake injurys. heres mine: A werewolf bites you. You lose 2000 health points.:ph34r: (sorry if its in the worng place)
  15. The morality of Maya's ghost town quests

    am i the only one creeped out by maya's quest to kill jenny? why do i need to kill her? poor jenny,:sad::sad: how many more NPP's do i have to kill in this game?
  16. resolts

    where are the resolts of the February contest?!:huh:
  17. who has Hernando's sword?

    hello guys and gals! i just want to know who has Hernando's sword in world 9?:cool: i want to get a close look at it! cheers fossil1999.
  18. the great war,

    heres the deal, anyone that takes part in this story is a soldier battling the germans in a war now knowin as World war 1, and do not spam! this story takes part in 1915 rules: no godmeding if you die you cant come back to life! no spaming, lets try to keep this story clean, to join you must...
  19. Rate the avatar above you!

    in this game all you need you do is rate the avatar above you, since I'm frst theres no one to rate, are you Ready? are you steady? go!!:cool:
  20. Resolved Does duel level go down?

    hey i want to know if your dueling level gos down eveytime you lose a duel?;)