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  1. Protasov

    Achievement Question

    As I was scrolling through my achievements to see which ones I haven't completed, I saw the following "incomplete" achievement - "Where is the Spring?" However, I have 70/70 snowballs and it's at 100%, yet the achievement is not considered complete. Anyone else see this?
  2. Protasov

    My contest entry - Game 3 - Protasov - El Dorado

    Cake THREE (3) is the odd cake out.
  3. Protasov

    My contest entry - Game 2 - Protasov - El Dorado

    YearEvent 2008The West was launched 2009Fort Battles were introduced 2010Market & Trading implemented 2011Pants were introduced 2012The West 2.0 was released 2013The West turned 5! 2014Multiplayer Adventures were introduced 2015Item upgrade added to the game 2016First IFBC event 2017First...
  4. Protasov

    My contest entry - Game 1 - Protasov - El Dorado

    #1 - Easter #2 - Oktoberfest #3 - Day of the Dead #4 - St. Patrick's Day #5 - Independence Day
  5. Protasov

    My contest entry - Game 2 - Protasov - El Dorado

    Dance groupings: Henry - Mrs. Anderson Maya - Calvin Scarlett - Seth John - Bella
  6. Protasov

    How Long Until ...

    ... the call to remove the icon below happens??
  7. Protasov

    Best Product Drop Set

    I have been using the American clothes and weapons sets to increase the product drop percentage of my jobs. Recently, when having the game auto-select the best clothes for a job, I noticed the set it chose for me resulted in a higher drop percentage than the American set. Turns out it is the...
  8. Protasov

    Accidental Character Creation

    When logging in quickly the other day, I accidentally clicked on "Idaho" instead of "El Dorado" when logging in. So now it seems I have a character on Idaho. And I'm getting emails telling me my character has been idle and "come on back" to the game! Is there any way to delete that character on...
  9. Protasov

    Gear at Job Start question

    I noticed something that seemed awkward to me, so I'd thought I'd ask if this is working as intended. I was under the impression that the clothing you wore when you actually started the job remained in effect for the entirety of that job. Meaning, you put on gear for a particular job, start it...
  10. Protasov

    Town Cinema

    I realize that creating a video advertisement might be costly, and Inno might be hesitant to invest in such, but I always find it funny when watching in my town cinema and its still informing me that Hercules will be released in July 2014!
  11. Protasov

    A Carnival belt (ID: 2921)

    The quest description says: "When you have 50 of these beautiful feathers, we can make a belt that will be a wonderful addition to your outfit. And I need leather, I think snakeskin would be the best. Do you have some already?" However, the requirements in order to receive the belt is 100...
  12. Protasov

    Shy admirer

    These two quests are available at this time. The reward for each 200xp and 50 Hearts. However, the Valentine's event has not yet started, so there is no running Heart total. What will happen to those hearts if I attempt to complete these quests? I don't want to lose them or have them disappear...
  13. Protasov

    2.68 Loading Times

    Loading the game takes considerably longer than previous versions. Not that big of a deal, just curious as to what changed between 2.67 and 2.68 that caused it? Does it fall under the "BUG FIXES" line item?
  14. Protasov

    For the dogs ...

    Saved up 96,000 fireworks. Tried my luck twice on the rarest Independence Day 2017 construction awards. Got Benjamin Franklin's dog BOTH TIMES. OMG. Sick.
  15. Protasov

    Happy Birthday The West

    From reading the announcement here: it states the following: Boosted experience points: From Tuesday, May 3rd to Monday, May 9th, you will be able to claim a Beans and bacon soup as a thank you gift of our ongoing birthday celebration...
  16. Protasov

    Multiple Jobs & Equipment Sets

    I just wanted to ask to see if I am, indeed, doing this correctly, and getting the most benefit. I've got the VIP buff "Automation" which allows for queuing up to 9 actions and utilize multiple equipment sets. So lets say I accept 4 daily quests before going to bed for the evening, and...
  17. Protasov

    Field Cook - 300 to 350

    Am I correct that the only way to raise your Field Cook skill from 300 to 350 is by doing "Prepare mince"? I can find no other recipes that aren't "white" skill level at my current skill of 301.
  18. Protasov

    Best Dueling Gear Button

    There is a very handy button when doing jobs called "Work Clothes" that gives you the best equipment to put on/wield when doing that particular job from your inventory. Does such a thing exist for dueling? At level 91 I have an awful lot of stuff in my bag, and some quests require me to...