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  1. Allow setting a time zone in settings.

    There is also a problem with duel protection. Those who live in UTC +2 have their duel protection finished 2 hours before it should. So, 70 hours protection instead of 72 hours.
  2. Update Feedback - 2.141

    An ancient western proverb says that there is no update until @RaiderTr complains about it on the server forum. P.S. all credits to this guy's @wyindywidualizowany joke
  3. Update Feedback - 2.139

    Anything happened with Angus after the update? I have no exchange quests there
  4. Western Friday 2020 - Feedback

    Western friday, golden horse and saddle and carnival sets are for market sale. Other sets are not
  5. Rank

    Just wonder to know how does the Ranking works, that's Kansas. Here I am having more damage dealt, shots and dodges taken than they guy in rank 71. However, his rank is still higher. Any ideas?