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  1. jarograv

    Berry Pickers Anonymous

    I will be starting a town. Post here and you will receive an invited to the town. Do not accept and do not join. We must remain anonymous. The invite will come from another name as it would be foolish for me to use the same name in game on this server. When you receive the invite, you will...
  2. jarograv

    New Newyears event using 2x motivation

    This new years event says "+100% work motivation". It is unclear by the wording whether what I am describing below is a bug or intended. It appears that this means motivation is capped at 200% and each job is using 2x the motivation as normal (15s jobs use 2 motivation). This is still...
  3. jarograv

    New Error Picking Up All from Market

    Affected worlds: Idaho Browser: Chrome Type of Bug: Market Description: Pressing collect all at the bottom of the market window causes a turn back time error. Issue applies with and without scripts. pls new JIRA
  4. jarograv

    Script Quest Blocker

    Script Details Available From: [LINK] Script Version: 1.0 Works on Version: From 2.89 up Description: Hides the quests listed below. Quests Blocked Quest that takes 10 year birthday cake Quest that takes Hernando's sword Quest that blocks note 3 quest in little things (used for getting...
  5. jarograv

    Modified Tombolas for New Worlds

    Proposal Modify tombolas to reduce the impact on new worlds. Current Workaround N/A Details Half the fun of starting a new character in a new world is the progression. The excitement of coming into a new world and getting that fancy new shirt in your tailor providing you with a couple more...
  6. jarograv

    Script Fortbattle-Export

    Script Details Available From: Github --- [Direct Link] --- [Repository] Script Version: 0.60 Works on Version: From 2.63 up Description: Exports battle from in-game to a .csv spreadsheet to allow for analysis of fort data. Introduction As a follow-up from my previous fortbattle import tool...
  7. jarograv

    Veteran Shop Chest Statistics

    I don't know about you, but on my main world I hardly ever see outlaw items on the market. I can't be bothered to ask and ask in alliance chat and post on the forums, so I thought I'd grind out the items I want by playing adventures and getting VP to buy chests. It's been a while since I last...
  8. jarograv

    Emoticon alt tags

    Proposal Give alt tags to chat emoticons to allow the emoticons to be included in copy-pasting. Current Workaround You could rewrite the emotes in there, but if you are doing a long section of text that can become tedious. Details Full idea is to give alt tags to emoticons. An alt tag allows...
  9. jarograv

    New Changing gear when battle has started

    So today in a panic I realized that I had the wrong fort gear on just as the battle was beginning. (was wearing this gear: to regen hp before battle HP = 10,670 in that gear) I know the battle was just starting so I quickly rushed to equip my saved gear set shown here: which my hp is 8,520 in...
  10. jarograv

    Program The-West Fort Battle Importer

    Better, faster, scriptier version can now be found here: Hello everybody, I am excited to (finally) announce the release of a program I have designed to help players who want to analyse fort battle data over a...
  11. jarograv

    Enhancing the Mobile Trader

    Proposal Change the functionality of the mobile trader to include items that players have recently sold to the mobile trader. Current Workaround Currently players sell items to the mobile trader, the items vanish and the player then receives cash. This means the only time players visit the...
  12. jarograv

    Level Based Beginner Set

    Proposal Introduce a low level questline (or implement the rewards of this proposal into an existing beginner questline) that gives players the option to choose between one of four beginner sets. Current Workaround I feel that the current state of the game makes it difficult for new players...
  13. jarograv

    Activateable Crafting Weapons

    Proposal Give craft weapons a bonus when equipped that is activate-able every 24hrs. Current Workaround Reach level 600 crafting, get a useless weapon \o/ Details Each crafted weapon would give a certain bonus useable every 24hrs similar to the energy or work motivation bags. Medicine Man's...
  14. jarograv

    Display Adjusted Damage Range in Fort Battle Screen

    Proposal Display the damage value within the value that displays the gun's damage on the sidebar of the fort battle screen (bonus is from sector, gear and leadership multiplier) for teammates only. Current Workaround Hover over every person in your sector to see if they have natty, munny, GG...
  15. jarograv

    Wages for Town Construction

    Proposal Allow town founders (or councilors) to set a wage for town construction. Current Workaround Currently town builders do not get any wages and there is no way to return treasury money to players. Details Founders (or councilors) would be able to set a wage for town building construction...
  16. jarograv

    Option to show AFK in chat

    Proposal Ability to show AFK. (possibly offline mode as well, can't remember if that part was suggested before) Current Workaround Type in chat that you are going AFK. Details Sometimes you go AFK for a while or briefly during battle. This would reduce situations in battles where the leader is...
  17. jarograv

    Stop tracking an acievement

    Hello, I clicked a button to track an achievement and now I can't see my progress to the next level on the bottom of the screen, how can I get rid of this?
  18. jarograv

    Display Fort Battle Sector Bonus

    Proposal Add text on the side panel when you click a player's name in battle to display the sector bonus that person is receiving. Current Workaround hover over every person in your sector to see if they have natty, munny, GG, etc then click their profile to see if they have the full weapon set...
  19. jarograv

    Adjustments to Resistance Dueling

    Proposal Adjust resistance dueling to bring balance to dueling Current Workaround Exchange your freeman's set for Doc's set Details Given that freeman's set (minus pants) gives 82 toughness and 65 reflex, for a total ranged protection of 85 (which can be increase by a few points...
  20. jarograv

    Display Number Ranked In Fort Ranking Screen

    Details of idea: Simply add an indicator stating something along the lines of 37/42 ranked in the case of a small defense Visual Aid: pretty self explanatory Reasons for submitting: Often leaders/rankers are rushed towards the last minutes before battle so that they can rank offliners and...