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  1. lulumcnoob

    Remove Town Hall level cap

    It's definitely the easiest to implement suggestion regarding infinite building that I've seen. If this is something Inno are looking into, since even the pure builders are being content locked now (bringing them on par with the duellers, fort fighters, questers and crafters who all have...
  2. lulumcnoob

    Feedback Special Speed Server Fort Battles

    Since reading is hard, try the dumbed down version:
  3. lulumcnoob

    (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    Sure, but cap adjustments alone wouldn't do anything to address underlying issues, plus numbers were changed in the post-ifbc testing, along a couple of other minor changes that didn't really solve anything.
  4. lulumcnoob

    (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    Guess fos has lost his mind. That's probably raiders fault too. No one wanted stronger towers in isolation, but that's what we ended with after inno ditched three quarters of what we were testing after the IFBC. Fwiw stronger towers made sense with the formula changes, less so without. No ones...
  5. lulumcnoob

    (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    All games require rules. Lots of rules, and we have a story/adventure game - few rules and we have a sandbox/role-playing game. I don't actually know what type of game The-West is anymore, so it's hard to say where the line should be drawn - the social aspect is the only thing that keeps...
  6. lulumcnoob

    Can these random messages please be finally explained?

    I always thought it was a very primitive anti-bot or auto-clicker interruption method, like they're way too rare to be game flavour, I've only ever seen one.
  7. lulumcnoob

    Feedback 14th Birthday Speed Event

    I guess since you're competing against your teammates, if you spot someone farming, kill their farm.
  8. lulumcnoob

    Feedback 14th Birthday Speed Event

    Also no Birthday Classic West world? :(
  9. lulumcnoob

    Feedback 14th Birthday Speed Event

    I'd like normal-worlds speed/money/drop/exp bonuses, so everyone can benefit on our actual permanent characters from the birthday celebrations.
  10. lulumcnoob

    Would you like to see Awesomia battle Join restrictions continue?

    Colodado is more than capable of supporting its own battles, and maintaining both sides equally - taking that away from them would, over time, make them complacent and lazy with regards to the balancing, so I don't think GMs should touch "normal" player verses player battles here at all. Event...
  11. lulumcnoob

    Games Status

    Oh no, not official Community Based Feedback about a popular in-game feature from the one person on the team that does anything for the fort fighting community - that's NOT what the forum is all about, bring back the counting!
  12. lulumcnoob

    Games Status

    To be fair though, the Hidden threads are even worse for the casual user experience. And in line with that: InnoGames' definition of "significant" is our definition of "dead and buried for over 3 years". As long as 1 njub is buying the character premiums, screw everyone else, eh. Can someone...
  13. lulumcnoob

    Games Status

    Goob's the boss man, but he's not the manager.
  14. lulumcnoob

    Games Status

    I think #3 is the best option, because people didn't only speak in favour of the calculus club. And before the forum changed to Xenforo, the Games section didn't show up in the feed at all, you didn't get credited for posts and karma in Games and Off Topic, because it was just a place to go and...
  15. lulumcnoob

    Games Status

    1 of 3 things happens now: 1. the unsanctioned vote gets ignored as is tradition in The West and you and the other maths wizards stay in the shadow realm 2. the unsanctioned vote is surprisingly acted upon and the the counting game spam resumes, and we log in tomorrow to find more people...
  16. lulumcnoob

    The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    So it's all your fault they've been wasting the last year doing a half-arsed job with this instead of PvP fixes? Down with @cpt.N3M0
  17. lulumcnoob


    I think you're confusing classes with the two viable fort fighter playstyles, but I don't think anyone could possibly disagree that changes are badly needed.
  18. lulumcnoob

    Feedback Easter Event 2022

    These days, obviously offliners. Though since we're talking about it, leaders used to prefer adventurers, and to a lesser degree soldier tanks, moving first for priority blocking on Defence, hence Sgt-ranked damagers used to be the standard - I've seen some people I'd consider experts still...
  19. lulumcnoob

    Feedback Update 2.171

    Well I was excited to read that a migration problem had been fixed, there's few other acceptable reasons for players not to have had migration routes for this entire time. I suppose it's just the open secret of server migrations that broke it a wee bit. :hmf:
  20. lulumcnoob

    Portuguese servers need your help

    You just have to hope that you'll eventually be merged with another server, probably the international - which would give both the Euro and the South American Portuguese speaking players more people to play with in their timezones - at the expense of a language barrier. We have Americans...