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  1. williamjack

    caravan raids together until the end

    i am on new quest to beat calvin and do 7 hours of work,i went nude with just pillow and let him beat me until he finally koed me but still no credit for losing to him,i think this quest is bugged
  2. williamjack

    Snowballs bugged?

    is this quest bugged after you get 70 you are suppose to get achieve All the snow of the west. Well i have got a lot of snowballs but not keepng track because i figured after i reached my 70 limit it will show a achieve so i can quit wasting energy geting them. The reason I am asking is i just...
  3. williamjack

    Independence Day Event 2018

    whens this start? no post so far and its july 4th on game
  4. williamjack

    Soccer Event

    I have a question about this evcent after you have gotten all the 250 balls and got your achievement " I have them all!" with a title "Soccer fan isnt the shop suppose to offer blue cards? the [ost says. In the shop you have the possibility to buy blue cards as well.i have not seen any blue...
  5. williamjack

    Secret of the west birthday cake

    is this another april fools joke like the brown tie? every one in my town and alliance on eldorado who has finished the secret questline turned in cake and got the birthday cake with 10 stats to each dex str mob and charisma isnt working ? when we euip the cake none of our stats change? is it a...
  6. williamjack

    Visit Maya easter egg hunt

    i can not complete this quest? i hace spent 54 nuggets twice so i have equipped ring and one in inventory and have all the things im suppose have shows i have it all but when i click on quest it isnt there? I also just noticed i lost one the rings i spent 54 nuggets for? i canceld quest and...
  7. williamjack

    tombola weapons

    this may have been answered before,dont see it so asking as I have always wandered. Does the three weapons go to the top on each world or the top 3? so am I wasting my time other words trying to get at least the top 2 or 3 spot on my world.thank you for any answers
  8. williamjack

    A shiney discovery

    need help cant find any answer to quest in the search box.i am doing this quest and says build irrigation 4 hours and 1 shiny material,what is the shiny material? wouls appreciate any help thank you:)
  9. williamjack

    Ammunition Slide

    anyone have Craft An Ammunition Slide recipe on eldorado,id like to buy it.doing jobs wih 10500 but not geting it yet
  10. williamjack

    New Easter quest

    When do we get these new easter quest on live,that is on beta? the finding the cracked eggs and maps.I havent seen any new quest yet,I already did the easter one from last year where you go across the map and find the easter eggs.
  11. williamjack

    New years eve quest

    i have completed most the quest in the game and dont understand why i could not get new years eve quest from mya? i checked saloon every day since dec 31 and never a quest for shows on and i have the lead for it to do next part also if i could just get the quest.
  12. williamjack

    Funniest job damage report

    What is your silliest job report? I just got this one from Construct a Military Hospital and about pee'd my pants laughing You are infected with diarrhea. Not nice. You lose 248 health points.:)
  13. williamjack

    Add more quest please

    I know not every one does quest lines.But some of us really enjoy them. From like 100 to 150 there is only two quest lines to do and wish you would add more please.One at level 115 and 125 lol.Id like more quest to do after 115 besides just doing dailys.I myself like doing quest and enjoy that...
  14. williamjack

    Want to buy Lye

    anyone that can make,put on market and i will buy.need for my crafting and no ones seams to list this.will buy in bulk if price isnt to crazy.:)
  15. williamjack

    First time henry said my name.

    woo hoo how cool ,think this is only time i have seen henry say my name in chat.:) If not suppose to post this here sorry just delete it.
  16. williamjack

    Black Bart's Pants

    Is this the rarest thing in this years tombola? On my server a lot of my friends are way up in rank and have played a lot but have yet to see one drop.everything else has dropped and been on market like crazy,even the horses and saddles,but barts pants are super rare? wandering if its a bug or...
  17. williamjack

    So tired of crashes

    my game runs fine unless i want to make a lot with crafting or pick up a lot that didnt sell on market,you push the button and then after a bit have to put up with not geting back in game and a stupid badge saying to turn back time and so on.its a major pain.i push the continue and turn back...
  18. williamjack

    Independence Day Tombola

    I thought maybe be starting the 1st but no notice yet,so is it the 4th? Does anyone remember when started last year? I am impatient and want it to start lol.
  19. williamjack

    Clothing of Independence

    How to we get this,is it from independence quest line? I can not find any info on it,is it still available to get each year or just was for one year?All I can find for quest is the rocket you get for finishing.Just curious on how to obtain this set,as I am from usa and like it lol
  20. williamjack

    Friends Bar

    Is there any way to see if the people on your friend bar are active or haven't played in months? that would be nice so I can remove people that are inactive or quit the game.