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  1. canufeelit

    problem with halloween quest

    in 3 of my worlds i am unable to see the old woman at stone circle glade, other worlds work fine. w12, briscoe and colo in these worlds i have items such as toads blood left over from uncompleted halloween quests of previous year have logged support requests in the worlds
  2. canufeelit

    international fort battles round 2

    when? only reason i and some friends are holding on please before christmas and everyone stacks up on massive dd gear
  3. canufeelit


    "Whisper messages have been deactivated." is this a feature or otherwise?
  4. canufeelit

    Resolved where is hot&sexy's guide now?

    want to point my new townies to the basics and i can't find it. wasn't it a sticky? is everyone upset we kill them already?