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  1. New Awesomia battles

    I want to see how this battle goes, if you don't have pistol rank you won't shoot the adventurers, when they're the only ones left. Also see how to hide......kkkk
  2. My contest entry - Game 2

    game 2 answer Henry danced with Mrs. Anderson Calvin danced with Maia John danced withBella Seth danced with Scarlet
  3. My contest entry - Game 1

    My contest enntry - game 1
  4. My contest entry - Game 1

  5. gone

    I arrived now
  6. Card Game Poofed

    Ended and did not see time
  7. World El Dorardo

    too bad without being able to play
  8. Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions

    I hope it improves and stop muti accounts
  9. Submitted Lover's set

    Nothing has changed yet
  10. Remove this from the fair !!!

    I also think it has to be updated and in the adventures also improve the items, because they are also outdated.
  11. Option to not use FF buffs for Adventure

    I don't know if it is a good idea, but that in adventures I could improve clothes and weapons it would be good
  12. Adventure changes

    we have to try a certain time
  13. Adventure Cooldown

    why no one else plays ?
  14. Adventure changes

    better not to trade because you always have multi to trade and you can't play. I agree to increase the bandit's items, so that everyone goes back to playing.
  15. Tarot/Circus Balls Cards

    I also don't know what to do with a letter only
  16. Valentine's 2020

    how long are bouquets worth?
  17. Adventure Cooldown

    you can only play one world at a time, so yes :)
  18. Adventure Cooldown

    playing adventure in all worlds is difficult, there are always multi players and you give up playing