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  1. My contest entry - Game 3

  2. My contest entry - Game 2

    Henry & Mrs. Anderson John & Bella Maya & Calvin Scarlett & Seth
  3. My contest entry - Game 1

  4. Proposal for builder

    Town Original Sin invites builder (may be on temporary basis) to work out 35K town's treasures for Church purposes. Welcome!
  5. Loan/Rent of items

    It's clear that only limited number of players possess rare items like high level named weapons, belts an pants. So if I pretend to get collector's set items - does the loaning or renting items (buying and selling them back) go under the "push" rule?
  6. System requirements

    Where can I get to know what are system requirements to play this game? And whom can I ask about neverending "servererrors or no server responses" occur opening battle forts application or tabs in main window?
  7. Billy the Blind Eagle

    Did someone met him in train station as Twitter hints said? If so - what the difference from not meeting him there? :)
  8. Veteran tobacco gatherer