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  1. Easter Puzzle Game 2

    The word that comes out is Easter Days
  2. Easter Puzzle Game 1

    Its 75 eggs so 15 kids-15 glasses with straws
  3. Feedback Holiday Speed 2021 (premium-free)

    That about sums it all up
  4. Feedback Holiday Speed 2021 (premium-free)

    What answers exactly? Rules said no pushing, thats the whole point. Giving free duel wins to the first dueler, free collections to the first achievement player, free materials to the first crafters, free dodges and damage to the first ff rank players by stacking santa-wearing players and tanks...
  5. Feedback Holiday Speed 2021 (premium-free)

    "Exploiting the game" or "having ur town pull down ur opponents" isnt supposed to be the way to win. But if our dear moderators allow it, keep going with it until u are the only people left playing this game seriously.
  6. Feedback Holiday Speed 2021 (premium-free)

    All major reward categories have been rigged in some way or another by 1 single town and a handful of people. If u want to call that teamwork, then by all means go ahead. Just on the next speed server u start, remove the "no pushing" rule because u are making fools of urselves. Most of the...
  7. Advent Calendar 24. Game

    Kansas, 7.000.000$, gate 7 for ever. What can i say, I am a generous man.
  8. Advent Calendar 23. Game

    Silent Night
  9. Advent Calendar 22. Game

    1D, 1E, 2B, 4E, 5C, 6B, 6D
  10. Advent Calendar 20. Game

    Christmas crackers
  11. Advent Calendar 19. Game

    The Colonial families in New England
  12. Advent Calendar 18. Game

    Santas necklace : 2020 Christmas event Winter hat : 2013 Christmas event Nicolas coat : 2015 Christmas event Gnome pants : 2017 Christmas event Ded moroz boots : 2016 Christmas event Nicks belt : 2019 Christmas event Raven : 2014 Christmas event Belschnickels tobacco pipe : 2018 Christmas event...
  13. Advent Calendar 17. Game

    Poland Hungary Italy
  14. Advent Calendar 16. Game

    A record of the 1837 exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, where confections were judged competitively, mentions "stick candy". A recipe for straight peppermint candy sticks, white with coloured stripes, was published in The Complete Confectioner, Pastry-Cook, and...
  15. Advent Calendar 15. Game

    1. Gingerbread 2. Christmas 3. Present 4. Santaclaus 5. Chocolate 6. Snowman 7. Cake (or Fruitcake) 8. Reindeer 9. Snowglobe 10. Mistletoe 11. Nutcracker 12. Candles 13. Sugarplum 14. Chestnuts 15. Mincepie 16. Turkey 17. Cinnamon 18. Bauble
  16. Advent Calendar 14. Game

    The Lithuanian Kūčios
  17. Advent Calendar 13. Game

    "Adeste Fideles", aka in english "O Come All Ye Faithful"
  18. Advent Calendar 12. Game

    The Christmas pickle is a lesser-known Christmas tradition for some Americans. A Christmas tree decoration in the shape of a pickle is hidden on a Christmas tree, with the finder receiving either a reward or good fortune for the next year. There are a number of different origin stories...
  19. Advent Calendar 11. Game

    Theres 1 cactus instead of 2 under the awsomia fort Theres 1 island instead of 2 east from the fort