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  1. Easter Puzzle Game 1

    15 kids are coming.
  2. Advent Calendar 8. Game

  3. Advent Calendar 7. Game

    In my opinion: 1. The jobs group icon symbol is missing; 2. The shadow of road wooden sign is missing; 3. The church icon/symbol in the town is missing.
  4. Advent Calendar 6. Game

    In Finland, the nuuttipukki as they are called were evil spirits who would go door to door demanding gifts and leftovers from the Yule feast.
  5. Advent Calendar 5. Game

  6. Advent Calendar 4. Game

    It takes 100 seconds or 1 minute and 40 seconds. A 10 x 10 cm sheet can be cutted in 5 strips of 2 cm x 10 cm. For one strip it takes 20 seconds to cut so for 5 strips it takes 100 seconds.
  7. Advent Calendar 3. Game

    It is possible to duel the players who opened the Advent Calendar doors earlier than necessary because the yearly Advent Calendar put bounties on the heads of townless players if they opened an Advent Calendar door earlier.
  8. Advent Calendar 2. Game

  9. Advent Calendar 1. Game

  10. Help Tecumseh (Maze Contest)

  11. Independence Day 2021 - Feedback

    Does anyone know where are the daily quests with fireworks?
  12. 2.x typos, bad translations and text errors

    Hello! Can you correct it?
  13. My contest entry - Game 2

    The dancing couples: Henry/Mrs. Anderson John/Bella Maya/Calvin Scarlett/Seth
  14. My contest entry - Game 1